I'll Buy That for $85

  1. oh that was you! i saw that post :smile:
  2. I couldn't not! I've had money burning a hole in my pocket in wait of a treasure...
  3. it's def a steal!
  4. Yes, a steal. Now is the time to get steals on eBay. Not only are sales slow, bidding is low.
  5. Gosh yes - I love the Legacy Madison! Great find.
  6. I actually got it on the LJ "sell your bag" community.
  7. Now I just got to figure out when I'll use it lol!
  8. :drool:umm of course I would have bought that! lol! :smile: good find! :tup:
  9. NICE! I have that in the clutch and have used it alot more often than I thought I would - good find!
  10. GREAT buy!

    Cheaper than the outlet!

  11. Great deal on a cute bag.....congrats!
  12. Yep I sure would have and I'm so jealous! I want some legacy stuff so badly!
  13. This is my first :yes:
  14. How much at the outlets?