I'll Bet You'll Be Giggling Along... must see!!!!

  1. YouTube - baby laughing

    A friend emailed me this link. It's so cute and silly. It made my day. Just thought I could make you giggle along too hehehehe
  2. awww bless :smile: thanks for sharing
  3. Its very cute!! Is that real, he sounds kind of scary but CUTE!!
  4. It's a Swedish baby, here in sweden is famous, people have this in their's mobiles phones, the baby famliy put the video in you tube for the grandparents to see ( they live far away) and it became famous!! it's very cute
  5. Aw. I think Megs posted something like that, sans the foreign language caps. Or maybe it was another one. Cute, either way :smile:

  6. oh! sorry if i duplicated the thread...
  7. I don't care! It's still cute! And people might not have seen it yet :smile:
  8. My son showed me this the other night, we were all killing ourselves laughing at this baby, it does sound like he's about to be sick towards the end, the poor thing...
  9. Yes, this one is funny!
  10. Aww well that is just a darling little baby :heart:
  11. Hehe yes I posted this... no worries! Cute baby!!
  12. Thank you for making me laugh! Babies just let their feelings be known whether it is happy, sad, mad..... and back to happy again in minutes! How nice not to have a care in the world!
  13. that was great....baby boy has such a gut wrenching laugh...I LOVE IT!!!
  14. Awww, sooo cute! That baby has such a great laugh! Thanks for sharing :roflmfao: