I'll be your NYC SPY!!!

  1. Hey Ladies!
    I am headed to NYC next weekend for a bit of shopping~ Do any other stores carry Bal beside BalNY and Barneys?? And if you want me to look out for something, let me know.... I will bring my phone and notepad to SPY hehe:p
  2. RH Anthra City or Work!! Please let me know if you see one! TIA!
  3. Please, if you can, find out what color they have for RH WORKs. TIA! Travel safe!!
  4. LOVE IT!

    I'd love to know what RH coinpurses and makeup bags you find. :flowers:
  5. i second this!! thanks!
  6. please peppers - if you see anything Violet (twiggy, city, coinpurse, makeup, first etc etc) let me know I am all over it!!! :yahoo: Thanks!!!
  7. don't really need anything but wanted to say thanks for such a sweet offer! pretty sure those are the only 2 that carry bbags in the city. :smile:
  8. that's so sweet of you peppers90 :flowers: enjoy your shopping trip
  9. Enjoy your trip and thanks for doing this! If you see any GSH Black Weekenders let me know.

  10. Hi, I was just looking at this website earlier and it lists other boutiques in NY to buy Balenciaga. I'd love to do some shopping in NY someday....I hope this link works. http://nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/designers/bios/balenciaga/?cid=balenciaga&se=yahoo
  11. Ditto and I am interested any bright colors and any gh (gold or silver)
    We :heart: Bal spys. Thanks.
  12. Giant Envelope Clutch - GSH- Magenta, EB - any bright color in the blue/purple family. Thanks so much for looking!!!
  13. Another request here for bright colored coin purses....especially SGH! Thanks!
  14. Pepper's, if I'm not too late...a Tomato RH First???
  15. HOW COOL OF YOU TO OFFER :smile:
    thanks so much... funny just today i wanted to call from europe to check if they had any weekenders in colours like violet,electric blue,any other blue,any red ..the heck! whatever they have
    a friend of mine will be flying in a few days from now and maybe i will get him to take it with him for me :heart: