I'll be in Anchorage, Alaska for 6 hours on June 2nd....

  1. Any advice for quick things to see? Good restaurants? Any feedback is appreciated! :smile::yes:
  2. Is it a superlong flight lay over? How fun to try to beat the clock and see something.
  3. Alaska is so interesting! I was there for 5 days back in January. I'm not sure what you can do in 6 hours though. Are you going to be at the airport the entire time? If you get a chance to go downtown there are some really cute boutiques you can visit. They sell masks, whale bone/teeth and some really cute things.
  4. I'm going to try to drive downtown and check it out real quick. Any specific area I should target?
  5. Love to answer my own posts.. lol I found an outdoors market held in the *summertime* every Saturday that looks like a go. Too bad I can't get reindeer meat back on a plane. lol.
  6. There is plenty to see and do in Anchorage in 6 hours.
    If your layover here is in the morning/afternoon the Sat. Market on the park strip at 9th ave. would be a grand idea, as would a trip to the Alaska Museum of Natural History http://www.alaskamuseum.org/
    or have a cabbie drop you off Downtown (less then 15 min from the Airport)
    on 5th ave. for a few hours of outdoor shopping fun.

    While downtown indulge in fine dining at Simon & Seafort's Saloon & Grill


    Right now the weather is in the 60's and sunny and hopefully will be even nicer a couple weeks from now, have a fun quick visit.

  7. Thank you! I plan to grab a rental car and catch the later hours of the outdoor market. With any luck I will grab a meal but not counting on it!
  8. how fun?? Absolutely!!!! Part of the charm of the trip!!
  9. The outdoor market is great fun! Be sure to try and eat a reindeer sausage. Snow City on 4th and L has great food (breakfast and lunch only) and Simon's and Seafort's is good too. Also, Glacier Brewhouse on 5th and G (or H?) [can't remember, I always just walk there from work] is a microbrewery and has great beers and good food.

    Also, keep your eyes peeled for moose running around the streets [they are definitely roaming around]!
  10. ^lol! Would love to see a moose in the street!

    But more importantly.. :smile: .. are there frequent cabs in Anchorage? Trying to decide if I rent a car vs. take a cab.
  11. There are cabs at the airport and downtown is small enough to walk around. Then there are cabs available at the hotels downtown. So, if you are just going to hang around one area, then cabs will probably work. But if you are going to go around to different areas, then you might want to get a rental car. Other issue is that there aren't any free public parking lots downtown. You will have to pay to park your car. Just something to think about...
  12. lvdreamer: thank you! Great info. I can handle a buck or two but it is always nice to know I have a ride to the Airport!!