i'll be in 2 weddings next yr!!

  1. my childhood friend called me today and asked me to be in her wedding next yr as a bridesmaid. i'm was also already gonna be in another childhood friend's wedding already. the 2 parties don't know each other at all so i was wondering if i should splurg on this dress to wear to both:


    it's a badgley mischka for 800 :love: . both brides said any dress as long as it is pink. is it ok to reuse bridesmaid dresses?
  2. I don't think anyone will find out while the weddings are going on, but a friend of my did that and it ended up bothering her. She has pictutes from both and when she shows people they're always like, "Why did you where the same dress?"
  3. i dont think there will be duplicate people at any of the weddings since one is in san diego and the other is in thailand... i don't mind wearing the same dress twice :smile:.
  4. It's a STUNNING dress!! And it sounds like no one will actually see you in it twice. Like Purselova34 says, the only problem would be if you end up showing pictures to all of your other friends and family and feel funny about having the same dress. But that doesn't necessarily have to be a problem -- I mean it's not like you're going to do some sort of organized slide show of alll the recent weddings you've been to and have everyone comparing your outfits.

    Plus, maybe you could do different accessories and stuff to differentiate them? For $800 it would be nice to wear the dress twice! And, actually, that dress is not "bridesmaidy" so you could even wear it to another event:smile: