I'll be gone for christmas...

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  1. ;) Tomorrow I leave for 11 days to Holland. I'll be spending some much needed time with my mom for Christmas!!

    So I hope everyone has a magical Christmas! I will miss TPF and all you girls, and boys...this will be the longest I've ever been away since I joined! hahaha! away from TPF and my dog:crybaby: talk about a test of strength! lol

    Happy Holidays everyone!:heart: :heart:

    P.S. I'll still be here for a few more hours.:yes:
  2. Have fun, Danica! Happy Holidays to you and your mom :smile:
  3. I hope you have a lovely time in Holland and you do not have to land in England as nearly all flights have been cancelled due to the freezing fog which they think is going to last till the 26th
  4. Have a great Christmas !! :heart:
  5. Happy Holidays!
  6. Have a wonderful time in Holland! We will miss you here! Merry Christmas!!
  7. Have a great time!
  8. Happy Holidays Danica!!

    Have a safe and happy holidays everyone!!
  9. Thanks everyone!!! Saich...I'm going to look into this fog business. *hrrmpf*
  10. good luck with your flights! hopefully the denver airport closing won't affect your travel, i hear it's got the US air schedule all messed up.
  11. Have a wonderful holiday!
  12. Have a great time!! Buy lots of treats and presents for Maya!! :smile:
  13. Danica... did you grow up in Holland?? You will have a great Christmas and we will sure miss you a ton!!!!
  14. Have and Happy Holidays to you!
  15. Have a safe journey and lots of fun!! I TOTALLY understand about the dog thing...I wont be with mine for 3 weeks!! I was getting a pedicure today and started thinking about how much Im going to miss my pups and had tears in my eyes!!! :crybaby: :wtf: I then went and bought them a HUGE bag of toys, and treats for my absences!! Take good care Danica!! Talk to you next year!!!:heart: