I'll be going China in Nov. Any recommendations?

  1. I'll be going China 1st week of Nov. Does anyone knows if there any birkin/s :heart: in the Peking or Shanghai or Hangzhou store now? Thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. My husband just got back to HK from Guang zhou and called me from the Hermes store a few hours ago. They did not have any Birkins but had several Kellys(a bronw Togo one for 7,000 USD) and tons of shoulder bags(he did not know the names but from his descriptions, a few Massai's and a Rouge Evelyne.) His phone cut out before I could ask if he purchased anything.....darn!!!
  3. Price is very high in china,i bought my mini kelly in shanghai,and price was wrong,i payed 1000usd more:shame: (i think i was silly didnt know that),and after 3 months later,the store manager called me and refund my money:wlae: after that i swear i wont buy any hermes in china...btw I just got a call from my sis,she said there is a choclate 35cm birkin availeble,but I will skip this time:supacool: cuz i want a 30cm this time:idea: