Jun 12, 2020
Debbini: and don't forget to look on this forum for info on sales/coupons.
There is not official process to post the info, but the ladies here use either
the 'sticky' sale thread at the top of the tread list, or another thread in the
discussion thread area.
If you have signed up for emails on ILD and/or, they will
send you sale email info directly.
No sense missing out on a sale or coupon! A tip: often you can't figure
out the 'price' of an item until you put it in your cart and then apply the
coupon during the check out process. But you can cancel before you
buy, so it's just an annoyance to have to do this, but not a problem.

Also know that the 'sale' prices and discounts change all the time. So you really
have to figure out the final 'price' to know if it's a great deal. Also the list prices
have gone up a lot (across the handbag industry), so half off of todays list price
might sound good, but if the list price was a lot lower a year ago, the bag could still
be more expensive. I think the best thing to do is keep track of the price, sale price,
and final discounted price on bags you really want. Then become a handbag stalker
and watch for the price that makes you say ....'buy now'. Not every bag we buy will
be at the best price, but on average, we all want to score our treasures and think
we saved a lot of money.

Happy shipping.
Thank you!!! I love bags!