Ikea Mattress-anyone have them?

  1. I din't sleep. I feel my health is suffering from lack of sleep. Between hubby's snoring and realizing that we need a new mattress it has been hard. We just are unsure where to buy a mattress from. The last two places we bought mattresses from we're not that great. One huge mattress chain store sold us a matters that had defects and caved in less then three months on us. It happened to a relative too. They did replace it but what a hassle.

    So out of desperation to get some sleep last night at 2am I went down to my formal living room and slept on my Ikea chaise lounges. I have them facing foot to foot against each other along a wall so they are very long. I don't know what foam they have in the cushions but it is very firm and I slept better then I have in months. I bought my sound machine down and my black sound oasis eye mask and slept well, I probably fell asleep at 3am , woke at 6, went back to sleep at 8-11. I work from home. OK it is only 6 hours of sleep but it was rested sleep, better than I have listening to snoring and a uncomfortable bed all night.

    So now I thought perhaps Ikea migh have some good mattresses and are worth checking out. Has anyone bought their mattresse? I would buy two twin size ones for our king bed, do not need a bottom piece since we have a bed frame which does not use a bottom mattress.

    If anyone can give me feedback I would appreciate it. Thank you.:smile:
  2. I've gone in and laid on at least two that I really liked, very comfy.
    I bought my daughter a mattress from there years ago and its still going strong.
  3. I have an Ikea Sultan Hansbo. I've had it for about a year and a half and I love it. I initially wanted to get a nice $1800 Sealy/Serta something or other but I did a big reno of my bedroom and replaced everything - bed, dressers, flooring, closet, paint, draperies, blinds.... so the super expensive mattress & boxspring kinda went out the window.
    I'm so happy I got the mattress I did and when I first tried it in the store I thought it was really hard, but it's not really. I had such a hard time deciding which mattress to get, you know it's kind of a big purchase and you have to be happy with it. I think that Ikea will let you try out a mattress for 30 days and if you don't like it you can exchange it for something else. I'm glad I ended up with the mattress I chose, I sleep incredibly well in that bed.
    I've had positive comments from others who've slept in it as well :whistle:

    ETA: I found their mattress policy (I think it has to stay in it's plastic covering in order for it to be returnable)
    Sleep on it... for 90 days
    It is important to us that you love your new SULTAN mattress. So, if after a while you discover that it is too firm, too soft, or too something else-just bring it back with your original receipt within 90 days and we will exchange it for one that suits you better. And there's no rush. You have 90 days to sleep on it! Please note that we are unable to exchange your mattress if the merchadise is found to be dirty, stained, damaged, or abused. Please see in-store for details.

    IKEA will not assume transport charges for any items returned, unless specifically agreed upon beforehand for products purchased through Home Shopping.
  4. I'm happy to see the TPFers above me are pleased with their Ikea mattresses. I personally have not owned one, but have heard from others that they are comfortable at first, but tend to break down quicker than other mattresses.
  5. I've had mine for 3 years now and I still love it! I haven't noticed it breaking down any faster than my old mattress
  6. I have a Sultan Hasselback (which they haven't made in years) that I've had since around 2004, I think? It's close to 10 years old and it's still really comfy, I have no regrets getting an Ikea mattress. I'll probably get another one when this one eventually dies. :smile:
  7. DH and I have the same mattress. We bought it back in 2005. It's a good mattress but we're just now starting to have the problem of "butt molds" on the mattress. We turn it often but I guess that's just something that happens ;) It's still very comfortable, though!

    ...I just hate how heavy it is
  8. I had an Ikea latex mattress for years, but found it to quickly become very uncomfortable. I don't know if I just bought a mattress that was too firm for me, but I recall liking it for the first year or so. I recently purchased two memory foam mattresses (one from Overstock.com and the other from Walmart.com) and I like them both much better.
  9. I spoke too soon, haha - yesterday I changed the sheets and did notice some butt molds! It's still comfy, though, so I'm hoping to get a while longer out of it.

    You're right, it is super heavy - it's the only queen size I've ever owned so I just assumed all mattresses were this heavy, but now that you mention it I don't think they are. That being said, I'm still happy with it!
  10. Hi! I also have a Hjartdel mattress, purchased in 2010. I think it is the comfiest mattress ever and still in excellent condition. It was the second most expensive mattress that Ikea offered at the time. My boyfriend and I actually wanted the most expensive one as it was even better, but it was nearly double what we paid for the next model down. All in all, I don't regret my decision whatsoever since the one we did buy is amazing.
  11. Ended up getting two twin mattresses from Overstock.com. They are called Comfort Dreams Lumbar back support and are probably the best ones I ever slept on. They are very firm which hubby wanted and I put my two inch mattress pad on top of it. I now sleep through the night most of the time unless his snoring is very loud. I wake up with no back pain and just feel so much happier. I wanted 2 twins because I felt it would be easier to move when I rearrange the furniture. The mattresses are a three layer foam thing and unlike any other mattresses coil and spring we have had before. They had good reviews on different sites too. The price was good. $647.00 for the two twin mattresses to make a king bed and shipping was free. Cheaper then the local stores.
  12. My boys have two twin mattresses from Ikea for their bunk beds, very comfortable and no problems.