IKEA lovers thread!

  1. All the furniture I've bought for my bath is made in Italy, and really resemble some doors of my kitchen which is not by Ikea. I assumed there are agreements between ikea and furniture suppliers.
  2. 2 days until i possibly get to go to ikea!!! :woot:

    all depends on if my flight comes in on time. i'm suppose to get into balitmore shortly after 3 (or maybe 3:30) and our dinner reservation down in the harbor is at 6:30.
  3. Finally managed to get the Emelina Knopp duvet set I wanted! :yahoo:
  4. I bought a couple of sets of duvet and pillow covers at Ikea almost 15 years ago, because I loved the colors, delicate shades of green, pink, yellow on white in a checker pattern. So pretty. Over the years, the cotton has become so soft and beautiful to the touch that it'll be a sad day when they finally fall apart. And they were on sale back then!
  5. Has anyone seen this website?
    They use Ikea pieces and modify them into something (sometimes) completely different than their intended use. Some of the stuff is a bit meh, but there are some great ideas and designs from some people with a good eye.
    Interesting to say the least.
    Yet still no tips to repurpose those delicious little Swedish Meatballs.
  6. Just saw a mirrored Malm chest of 3 drawers on my local Ikea website. Just thought someof you might like to know ... It's a bit steep for me though.. :shucks:
  7. Can you post a pic?
  8. one of my ikea pillow inserts was ruined the other day (cat peeing on it). so now i have a reason to go to IKEA!!! :biggrin:
  9. :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  10. Question - Is there a service in San Diego that will purchase and ship an item from IKEA?

    Just found out one has to physically go in and purchase...then find someone to ship or use their own freight co.

    I attempted to go down there from L.A. yesterday, but made a u-turn after 60 miles in and hitting major traffic...
  11. I don't know about a service, but why are you driving down to San Diego from L.A. for an Ikea? Is the item you want not available in the Burbank Ikea store? As for delivery, I know once you have paid for an item in store, you can also pay for delivery service through Ikea; you don't have to find someone on your own if it is within their delivery parameters.

  12. San Diego is the only IKEA location that has this item. My only option is to go down there "physically" and buy/pick up. I was hoping there was a "messenger" of sorts that can go to store to buy/ship.
  13. I love IKEA furniture for my son. I am pretty much a minimalist when it comes to our furnishing but I just can't resist those cute decor/furniture for my son. They are extremely high quality for the price, so easy to put together, and designed well (all the edges have been rounded off, space-saving shapes, etc.).