IKE TURNER dead at 76

  1. Wow, didn't realize he was 76. At least he did apologize, better late than never.
  2. Good riddance! Wife beaters are a step below navel lint to me.
  3. Agreed, good riddance to bad rubbish.
  4. I saw that movie What's Love Got To Do With It? Really freaked me out how they portrayed Ike.

    I'm glad he realized that what he did was wrong, and I really hope he changed and was sincere with his apology.
  5. The performances in that movie were frighteningly good. It's good he apologized, I hope he meant it.
  6. :yes: I agree.
  7. I liked his music with Tina, but yeah, spousal abuse is never a good thing. This reminds me of a friend of mine, now deceased. Back in high school, he went as Ike for Halloween, guitar and everything. And another friend of mine went as Tina--long wig and all. This was around the time "What's Love Got To Do With It" came out, starring Larry Fishburne, and Ike and Tina were experiencing a regrowth of popularity. In fact, I think my friends got the costume idea from an old episode of "Martin." Oh, the memories.
  8. I like Perez Hilton's epitaph: "He will best be remembered as a wife beater and a drug addict."

    I guess People.com is blocked from my job, so I can't read that article, but, to me, an apology does not make up for abuse. :shrugs:
  9. Doesn't make up for it AT ALL. But IF in his heart he really changed or repented or whatever then I think that's a good thing.
  10. That's kind of sad, though. I mean he did make some signifigant contributions to the American music scene which of course doesn't excuse his behavior but nevertheless....
  11. Here's a quote of his from the People article:

    Earlier this year, Turner told Jet magazine that he regretted many of his actions as a husband. "If I owe anybody an apology, that would be Tina," he said. "I put her through hell with other women. I regret it today, but I can't undo it."

    He has never apologized for how he physically abused her, just for his cheating. I read somewhere how he's always denied beating her.
  12. :nuts: Oh.

    I still think if someone repents then thats a good thing. But I guess he didn't do that.
  13. I don'y want to speak ill of the dead.

    Apologizing in no way makes up for it . . . . he shouldn't have beaten her in the first place, but it was a nice gesture.
  14. Sadly, he will be remembered for his wife beating and cheating... kids today really have little knowledge of his music.