IKAT Accessories???

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  1. These two wallets are from the Japan site


    Does anyone have either of them or the Ikat wristlet? I just got the large IKat in navy/white and want to order some accessories. Just looking for some feedback! Thanks!:nuts:
  2. Just to let you Ikat lovers know - there were Ikat scarves at the outlet yesterday - blue ones and brown ones -
  3. OT, but I'd love to get the pink Ikat wristlet. I think it's adorable!
  4. I have the Ikat Wrislet in Gold but I have not seen that wallets. They are very nice I like all the colors..
  5. I have the navy ikat wristlet. She was a big step for me because I tend to buy very neutral items or purple items only. I love her though! Very shimmery and pretty!

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  6. Are IKAT accessories at the outlet? Someone said they saw a couple of bags at one of the outlets (Iowa?).
  7. I got mine with a coupon at the boutique, not at the outlet.