ikaesmall'z simple little collection =)

  1. hi ladies!

    i finally got myself a good camera & decided to finally gather up my babies & take a pic. i'm still missing two bags because i let my mom borrow them & im still waiting for the LV koala wallet from a lovely PFer :graucho: but this is my collection for the most part :smile:


    hope it grows soon! :P
  2. Brilliant!! What a lovely collection! I love the bbag, the gucci waist pack and the groom accessory the best!
  3. Congrats!!!I love b bag and paddinton!!
  4. awesome collection, love the fendi! :heart:
  5. nice~ i love all of your bags. :smile:)))))
  6. Ooooh I love the abbey ! :yes:
  7. nice collection:smile:
  8. Thank you ladies :smile: You have such kind words! I'm so happy to share the same taste in handbags with such a fine group of women!! :love:
  9. lovely collection girl.
  10. Very Nice!
  11. love your balenciaga--great collection!! thanks for posting :smile:
  12. Love your gucci's
  13. great collection :woohoo:
  14. love your louis and your guccis
  15. Love the Spy and bamboo Gucci!