Ijust bought my 1st Balenciaga !! =D

  1. So I have been buying Louis Vuitton lately and thought I was done buying bags for a while ;)
    Then I was ::just looking:: at a seller who I just bought a LV bag from, and what did she have... a Sky Blue Hobo bag! :love:
    I looked at it for a few days and tried to resist! Then I came over to the Balenciaga forum and saw pics of you Balenciaga Hobos owners and your comments about it.
    The seller is a total sweetheart and went lower on her BIN price and I bought it! It looks SO nice and I can't wait to get it! :yahoo:
    I am now on a purse ban!:ban:
  2. Congrats!
  3. Congrats!!!!!
  4. Yeah!! I have a sky blue city and love it!! You will love the color!
  5. YEAH!! another balenciaga converts...
    you'll love your b-bag, congratulations!!! :yahoo:
  6. LV, congrats on your first balenciaga! sky blue is a great color. enjoy yours!
  7. Congratulations! The hobo style is my favorite. Please post pics when you receive it for us to ogle!
  8. Congrats on your Sky Blue hobo! Please post pics when you get it! Sky blue is a beautiful color!:heart:
  9. Thanks everyone... I can't wait!! Woooo hoooo...:yahoo:
  10. Welcome to the Bbag world, LV!! Congrats on your sky blue hobo! :yahoo:
    I'm sure she will be a beauty! Looking forward to your pics! :nuts:
  11. congrats on ur first B-Bag!!! you're going to LOVE wearing it!!! woo hoo!!! PLUS, sky blue is an awesome colour!
  12. Congrats LV !:nuts: !!
    And welcome to the B-side ;) !!!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Congrats! You'll love it! I just gave up my skyblue hobo for financial reasons and miss her so much! ENJOY!
  15. i am about to put up my lv epi lilac speedy 25 to fund this one, so i better love it...:love:
    because after this bbag,no more bags for a while,no more $$!