iIntlSet iHates iStupid iPods

  1. Ever since I saw Steve Jobs's yacht docked in St. Tropez last summer, I refuuuuse to give Apple any money!

    Everyone I know owns at least one iPod if not two or three!! I am so tired of getting into the car and then everyone fighting about whose iPod we should plug in! Gah!

    But I'm a technological dinosaur, I admit.
  2. I hate iPods because of the following frequently occuring scenario:

    Person w/ipod walks up and says something to me. I respond back. Person w/iPod rips earplug(s) out, screws up face and says "what"?

    Duh, you half wit, if you want to talk, take that freeking stupid think outta your ears!!!!
  3. lmao .........i cant live with out mines now
  4. That's funny b/c samething happened to me this past weekend.My friends and I were on our way to Dave and Busters on Sat night and we had the same argument. Whose ipod we should plug in...lol
  5. There are better mp3 players out there. The only reason I have an iPod is because of the promotional thing when I bought my Macbook.
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  7. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about them too. But...when we finally figured out how to hook it up to the car for a long road trip, ahhhh....bliss!
  8. :sad: The reason why I don't like Ipods is because they don't work after the warranty runs out. They suck but I keep getting sucked back in. I bought a Nano.
  9. I'm pretty anti-iPod. I'm not really a "trend" person and I don't get the point of spending $200+ on a music machine and then spending another few hundred on silly accessories... I LOVE CDs!!!!
  10. so you use linux then i take it?
  11. No, unfortunately I realize Apple is now integrated with everything.

    Besides, I was just kidding. Naturally I realize executives of huge companies like Apple are all obscenely wealthy. :rolleyes:
  12. well it just seemed an odd comment in the context. nothing wrong with having two or three ipods, they make great external hds when you upgrade!
  13. I love my IPod. I've had other mp3 players (mainly creative labs) and I've learned that IPod is the best for me. I don't buy a lot of CDs from ITunes, just single songs. I like to still have the CD because I don't have a link for my iPod in my car yet.
  14. My husband and I both have iPods. In fact he wears his to work all the time and he will answer his desk phone while having the earpiece still in. I am sure his coworkers want to hear NIN blasting while attempting to ask him a question. :rolleyes:
  15. I don't use an ipod myself. I did buy my husband a video ipod though. He's way into the newest "toys". If I wasn't married to him I probably wouldn't know about half the stuff that's out there!