IIIITTTTTSSSS Watercolour Time!!!!!

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  1. Many of you may know (from my constant moaning lol) that I have been rather impatiently waiting on my watercolour speedy.
    They just started to arrive this week and I finally got the call for mine on Tuesday.
    On Wednesday I paid for the bag which is very unusal as they never let you pay in advance but the watercolour is so in demand it's the only way to guarantee it.

    Today I finally got to pick it up, I know you've all seen them before but it's been a long time coming so please indulge my FABULOUS Aquarelle Speedy!!


  2. Visual


    Apparently some people believe I can't leave an LV store with only 1 item.................

    Those people are RIGHT :lol:
  3. Congrats Label Addict, your speedy is fabulous! Love the colors on her. It looks great with your outfit too!
  4. Oh, Label Addict! Absolutely stunning bag and you look so fabulous and chic with it!! Congrats!! The wait is finally over!!!!!!

    Okay, so where are the rest, hmmmmmm???? I knew you'd have some stowaways!!!! LOL
  5. Oooh congrats on your gorgeous new bag! What else did you get???
  6. You look AMAZING with the watercolor Speedy! Congrats!!!!
  7. You are totally rocking that speedy!
  8. Care to take a guess :graucho:
  9. Congrats! It's just beautiful! Really stunning! Can't wait for my papillon!
  10. Oooh, la la! Big LV box, big LV dust bag. I give up. LOL Reveal please!
  11. Congrats Claire!! :woohoo:

    Finally it's your time. :yahoo: I'm so happy for you.

    And your new watercolor Speedy really looks great on you.
  12. YAY CLAIRE!!!!! congrats!!! :yahoo:

  13. yay congrats LA great modeling pic! now show us the other bag is it mahina xs richard prince bag?
  14. beautiful! congrads! looks great on you!!
  15. Beautiful speedy, I didn't know it was a different shape compared to the regular speedies. Congrats!!!
    Now what esle did you get little miss?????:thinking: