1. IHIP-meaining, I hate people, inside joke with some of my friends....Ok, not all people. Why must people feel that have to comment on everything, even when it has nothing to do with them. The old lady that I work with, looked at my brand new very first LV bag, and said..."you spent too much on a bag. You're only a teacher, how can you afford that?" :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: I wanted to punch her for trying to ruin my day. I was so excited about it. However, I told her, that since I don't have kids, grandkids, and my husband actually likes to spend time and money on me instead of golf and alcohol, I can get things that "I" want. I am such a *****.....Sorry needed to rant....
    BTW, how I wanted to punch someone today at the dollar store when they "Hmmmphhhhhed" me when they looked at my bag and saw me in a dollar store. Give me a break...I can shop wherever I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cursing:
  2. ppl are just jealous....congrats and enjoy your bag!
  3. I understand what you mean, it's just like when some people assume that since you're a student, there's NO WAY you can afford real LV without maxing your credit card or borrowing money from parents! I really don't like it when people assume things like that. Just because you weren't able to do that doesn't mean I can't.

    And for your situation...just because some teachers (this should apply to ANYONE with ANY job) can't afford to buy LV, doesn't mean you can't!
  4. Someone on here said one time that people have a hard time imagining what they can't do themselves and I find that sooo true.

    Also, I shopped at the dollar store yesterday! Kinda embarassed to admit but I love it! :shame:
  5. I love the dollar store too!!! So glad to hear others do too!!!!!!
  6. ughh... these people annoy me too! Don't let their comments bother you though! and oh, I like Walmart! They have LOTS of random goodies lol

    I agree!

    I'm a student and have no real income (ie job), but I get LOTS of money from other sources, mainly scholarships. So I hate it when people think that I buy stuff using my Dad's CC card just because my family's pretty well off. And also, I hate it when people think that you're poor based on the way you dress. No designer clothes does NOT mean you're poor or don't have a stack of $$$ in the bank. In fact, I find that a large portion of people who DO buy everything designer really don't have much saved up (eg. my cousin).
  7. yep sometimes IHP too, a man was totally horrible to me yesterday (not related to bags) but I was only trying to help (long boring story so I won't bore you) I'm still annoyed about it today
  8. Sorry that happened to you, but I liked your answer about hubby wanting to spend on you!
    Some people are just rude and jealous and want to spoil things for others. I work in customer service and sometimes IHP too!:cursing:
  9. When someone makes a comment like that too me, I always reply with something like "I'd rather spend 600 dollars on one classic purse that I can use everyday,then buying 10 cheap ones that will go out of style and never use again"
  10. I love LV, and I can't live with Target.

    some people just have to have their minds cleared.
  11. Enjoy your new bag and don´t listen to the others, my colleages sometimes make fun of me and my bag-habbit, but I don´t care.
  12. kinda funny, using a $2,000 bag and shopping at the .99 cent store! I love it!:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. i have a really good friend who does this all the time she always says really loudly ohmygod not another LV. the crazy thing is she works full time and im a student, i know she earns a ton and spends most of it on alcohol and cheaper clothes. so what if i want to buy nice things.
  14. I'm sorry she said that comment. Please enjoy your bag, and do not let her or anyone ruin it for you.
  15. At least she noticed your LV so knows you have taste!

    I've never had any comments 'cos where I come from they probably think I'm carrying brown canvas bag with letters on it, boring! :p