** IheartLV99's YSL Y-Mail Collection **

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  1. Wow, great job, vesna! I just know that you'll love your new coin purse! I can't wait to see pictures when you get it! :yahoo:
    I know how you you must have felt - all I had to do was browse the Y-Mail photo posts of other PF'ers to drive my purchasing of Y-Mail pieces - gosh, I love this adorable line! :tender:
  2. Love the Y-Mail pieces!! I have the coin purse, and recently considered the small tote.
  3. Thanks, newfoundland! :flowers:
    I would love a small tote. I've been trying to hunt down the Boston tote, but they're mighty elusive ... I'm wondering if they even make them? :confused1: If they don't, then I'll have to snag one of those adorable totes! ;)
  4. Hi! I'm thinking of getting a gold ymail wallet (it's so preeetyyy!!!) but i'm worried about scratches. Does yours scratch easily? or should I be better of with a patent black one?
  5. I have been using mine for about 2 yrs now. And I have not taken any special care of it. While there are a couple of scratches on it, the corners are showing wear. That is the gold has rubbed off. But, it still makes a statement whenever I pull it out. If you want to use it everyday and keep it pristine then you would be better off with a black patent one. However if you change your wallets often then you can buy this one. I have very little patience/time to change handbags leave alone wallets.
  6. Love your clutch its so cute, I want one too!
  7. this is a historic thread and emotional for me. My first comment here was that my dream was coin purse. In the meantime, I collected coin purse, mirror, key chain, cosmetic case !!!!!!!!!

    I would warn only about metal key chain, it does get scratched so easily, I did not expect that from such a sturdy looking piece of metal. Too bad, I have to take good care of it now.
  8. Ohh..Thanks!! I can't WAIT to get 1!!!But it's sold out in stores at my place & I have to wait..Boooooo...=(
  9. Sorry to hijack this thread! I'm brand new to YSL, and wondering... are the Y-mail accessories still available in store, or are they a past season range? TIA :flowers:
  10. they are available in stores, small accessories, mirror, check their online site:


    boutiques also have various items, like cosmetic case etc
  11. Thank you vensa - i think i've fallen for the french zip wallet :love: I hope they have it here in the UK!
  12. Does anyone know whether it is possible to order Y-Mail items over the phone or by email direct from the boutiques? If so, can anyone recommend me a store with a good Y-mail range or a good SA to talk to?

    I live in Australia where we don't have a YSL boutique and the YSL website doesn't ship outside of the US :sad:

    Thank you in advance! :smile:
  13. here is how I did it:

    I went to YSL website and went to store locator


    it will give you addresses and phone numbers of boutiques everywhere in the world. Then I started calling US ones because I am in Canada, and there is not boutiques here (I knew what I wanted - Y-mail cosmetic case). Almost every had it as well as website. Now, I am in Canada and website does not send here, boutiques do but UPS $30.00 and when I add customs and brokerage for UPS that becomes ridiculous.

    I found parcel forwarding service for Canada (originaly started working from US to Australia, that is their main clientele), they accept your shipment within US and pack it however you want and send to you. Shipping within the US is $10 and you add their fee + ordinary post to Australia, and it is much cheaper. They can pay for you if the store does not accept foreign credit card (like YSL site, boutiques do) and you pay them via PayPal.

    PM me if you want more details. Once you set shipping to you possible, you can browse anything in the US and have it sent to you - which is NOT goot for budget really :graucho:, it opens up possibilities....
  14. Thanks for your reply vesna :smile:
  15. Beautiful collection, I love y-mail!
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