iHandbagz authentic???

  1. I as googling chanel and LV today and came across ihandbagz.com and the prices definitely seem like knock-off dollars. Does anyone have any info on this site? are they authentic? anyone ordered from the site?
  2. Hate to tell you this but any internet site besides eluxury that offers LV handbags are selling fakes. That is the one true way to tell.
  3. There's NO onliner retailer of Chanel
  4. Most likely they are fake! So, don't waste your money! Like what the others said, authentic LV is only sold through eluxury.com, and you CAN NOT buy Chanel online!
  5. Well i can say this about them, i got my bag from them today. It took about 2 1/2 weeks and its very nice. They are all replicas on there website.There in China the lady called me when i requested about my bag and sent my phone number. She dont speak that good english but i am happy with what i got. I only wish shipping could of been faster than it was.
  6. ihandbagz sells pure garbage! I didn't realize that what they sell is fake, until I received my purchase. I've only purchased from one other site (other than Eluxury) that sells Louis Vuitton, and they buy all of the "slightly imperfect", or seconds directly from the manufacterer. (I was even able verify this at Neiman Marcus' LV Salon in Newport Beach, Ca., they even inspected my bag, and could not identify any imperfection!) So with that said, I assumed that ihandbagz was similar to the other company I dealt with. How wrong I was. I purchased 2 pairs of sunglasses, and an umbrella, for over $200.00 (very inexpensive obviously, but on the site the items looked beautiful, and were just like I had seen at Neiman Marcus). Anyhow, what I received looked, and "smelled" like flea market garbage! I read that someone said they received their purchase in 2 1/2 weeks? Well mine took 2 MONTHS!!! I finally had to threaten them with legal action, and once I did that my items arrived in 2-3 days. The packaging was nearly "ripped open" upon delivery, and the merchandise is just horrid looking! I've turned them into Goggle and the Attorney Generals Office for investigation of fraudulent business practices, misrepresentation etc. So please, DON'T BUY FROM IHANDBAGZ!!!
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  8. I thought Neiman Marcus didn't do that.
  9. NM won't officially authenticate a bag, but you could always find a nice SA that could look the bag over and offer an opinion.
  10. I'm so happy I read this, because the sunglasses looked ok!! But I should have known.. The site looks cheap!!

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  11. I hate to break it to you, but ANY site offering LV other than Eluxury is selling fakes. LV does not sell "seconds", they destroy them. The SAs at Neiman Marcus probably aren't that knowledgable when it comes to authenticating bags. The bag you received from this other company is fake.
  12. Got my bag yesterday and its great , i going to order from them again for christmas for my mom. The quality i think is great and the price was real good. I am a very happy customer.
  13. ^^ Interesting first post!!!

    The bags are fake and that is fact