Ignored at Cartier!

  1. Hi Guys
    So I went to the 5th ave store this past weekend to look at the Love collection--I'm interested in getting matching rings for my boyfriend and I.
    I stood there for 20 minutes, with a few of the SAs actively ignoring me!

    anyone else have this experience?
    FYI--.. I'm 21 and my bf is 23.. and all the other customers in there were obviously older than us
  2. I would have stood in the middle of the store and yelled..........

    "HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE MONEY TO SPEND !!!!!!!!!"

    ps: I have been known to do that.
  3. I have this experience at many stores. I'm 22, but I've been told I look 14. Even when carrying LV and dressed nicely, SAs always ignore me. That's why I've really taken to online shopping LOL. No SAs to ignore you. I'm sorry this happened, isn't it annoying?
  4. Need to be assertive!!!
    Don't let them get away with that!

    Remember they are STORE CLERKS!!
    You are the customer.
  5. I was SO annoyed at this point I just left the store.. I told my BF I am currently not on speaking terms with Cartier.. But Harry (Winston) is still in my good graces...LOL
  6. Wow, that's just unbelievable!!! Obviously you were there for a reason otherwise you would not have waited for that long ... what were the SAs thinking? You were just standing there for fun???? Goodness. Did you approach them and asked to be helped?
  7. That sucks. I'm sorry. Did you try to make eye contact with any of the SA's? I've never been to the 5th Ave Cartier, but my local Cartier SA's are very friendly and helpful, even when I go in just to look and try on the goodies. I live in Georgia. So maybe it's was bad timing and location?
  8. At the SF store, I went in looking for pins for my wedding (long story). When I asked to see some nice vintage sweater clips, the SA says "They're $75,000" to which I relied (a la "Pretty Woman") "I didn't ask how much they were, I asked to see them".

    The next time I went in (looking @ Love stuff too!), the SA's were all very nice! I didn't brave 5th Ave last time I was there--they looked really busy! And I just wanted to look.

    So sorry they were rude to you! Next time, demand assistance (but politely! They might think you're mulling ideas over and are hesostant to interupt).
  9. I am sorry they were rude! Seriously next time demand to be helped, but do it graciously! If not then, be loud!
  10. Harry Winston SA's in my experience are extremely helpful and very attentive! You should definitely go there :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Good luck!
  11. Yep. Not me personally, but my friend was years ago (and she had PLENTY of $$$$ to spend). Tiffany has the honor of my presence now and from that day.
  12. Ugh, I've been there! A swanky jewelry store in San Francisco called Shreve did this to me and hubby (at that time, we were looking to drop a lot of cash on an engagement ring!). We were literally at the engagement counter, practically breathing on the case, and NO ONE even said hello. We walked out and dropped our wad of cash elsewhere! And I have told him that he is never allowed to buy me anything from Shreve, ever!
  13. :devil: Ooh, that's a good one! I'm going to have to remember that!
  14. I've had some bad experiences at lux stores but Cartier by far has been the WORST ever (at the Ala Moana store in Hawaii). My BFF had the same horrible horendous treatment there too. I no longer visit the store...and it kills me because I really covet a love bracelet!
  15. I haven't gotten this from Cartier, but if people are ignoring me I would just go up to one that didn't look busy and ask for assistance. I know we expect to be treated better than a lower end store, but even in lower end stores I have to look for assistance. I hope that made sense.