Ignore member option - please.

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  1. For all that is good and right in this world, can we please have the option to ignore posts from specified members? :cry:

  2. Posts or PM's?

    Is everything okay?:unsure:
  3. Who is it! Spill! :lol: jj...hope its nothing serious!
  4. Yes, everything is ok, lol! :smile: There are just some members whose inane postings annoy the heck out of me, and ignoring them would be of no consequence to my experience at PF (and I'm sure others feel the same).
  5. This wouldn't have anything to do w/ the "leagel knockoff" thread now, would it?
    I'd like to ignore some of those posts!
  6. ^^ No, but that's a great example of how an "ignore" option would be awesome!
  7. LOL!

    Sorry if you want to ignore me! :huh:
    If you are, it's not looking so good is it!? :lol: :lol:
  8. gosh I hope it's not me! I just got sucked into that stupid thread and had to vent. now I need to kick something across the room! but the ignore option will probably have to do....
  9. So, now I'm getting paranoid too!!!
  10. No it isn't! :lol:

    Seriously now, wouldn't the Ignore Member option be awesome?
  11. Is it me? :shame: :P
  12. Or me? :smile:
  13. WORD!:nuts:
  14. I hope it's not me, either. However, the above mentioned thread was a little freaky. I like this site, because I get to talk to women about one of my favorite things.
    I know my husband doesn't want to talk about designer purses.
  15. How would an 'Ignore Member' option work? Is it like a kind of permanent thing so you can't ever see a particular member's posts?

    What if you made a mistake, and edited somebody out too soon, without giving them the benefit of the doubt?

    I hope nobody would edit me out, a bit worried!:worried:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.