Ignorant fools

  1. When will people finally realize that we do not sell bags nor are we looking for wholesale dropshippers from China?

    The amount of inquiries on the blog every day is staggering, have people lived in a cave for the past 4 years not to know what a informative blog is?

    :rolleyes: :hrmm:

    I am thinking about adding a disclaimer on the contact page to tell people to bugger off with their cheap wholesale items from Hongkong.
  2. You know they'll still ask and/or post anyways, though! People just don't get it!
  3. I make lots of wholesale bags real Gucee and Fendee starting at $29.99, please call for details
  4. ^LMAO!

    yeah, they don't read anything, just spam hoping something will stick!
  5. ^^^lol... you are too funny, Megs
  6. And they're always in the poorest of english so you couldn't understand them even if they sold authentic stuff?

  7. Hi Megs and Vlad - going off-topic here :biggrin: Is it possible to include an entry in the PB about craftersforcritters?

    Would be great to see the word "Sold" on most of the items.

    Many thanks!

    Shop Independent, Help Animals in Need!

    Fused glass pendant by Elizabeth Kobata $15

    Duct cake coin purse $7 by Duct Cakes

    Fortune collars by Nedra made it $9

    Silver dogbone earrings by Ari Design $15

    Husky Notecard set by Rebecca's Soup Delicatessen $6-50
    Crafters for Critters fused glass pendants by Elizabeth Kobata.jpg
  8. Same here!Whenever i try to sell a bag on Ebay i get overwhelmed with this kind of offers:yucky: ....:rant: :censor:
    Keep reporting them,but the situation doesn't change!!!:mad:
  9. Don't forget Goach. BF actually told me about Goach - I've never heard of it until he mentioned it!
  10. "Or I can provide you with Goach Bags for $9.99".
  11. hmm Vouis Luitton!
  12. So true! I run my own store and people are constantly trying to sell me all kinds of junk that doesn't fit with what I sell at all. The first person that trys to sell me fake bags is going to wish they had never met me. :amuse:
  13. LMAO!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. I keep getting messages like this on eBay. Then I find the person who sent it is not a registered member!?!! I don't get it.

    Can people take no for an answer?
  15. Oh please dont forget my warehouse full of Authentic Kloees!!! Starting at only .99