Ignorance, I say, ignorance!!

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  1. This is not really a "funniest/worst fakes" post so I made a new thread...it's mainly about fakie-seller's ignorance/stupidity:

    So I saw this horrible, horrible Cherry Blossom pochette on eBay selling for a whopping $200 starting bid price and $575 BIN price:

    eBay.ca: AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Pouchette (item 230040251634 end time 25-Oct-06 12:45:58 EDT)


    Even LV beginners can tell that it's fake. That is SOOOO bad. Now this previous part should be in the worst fakes thread, but here's the next part:

    I was in a b*tchy mood so I decided to send the seller the following message, embedded with a lie since I can't tell him/her that I go to an LV forum and a lot of you here are LV experts:

    "Hi there, I have a cousin who works for Louis Vuitton and she looked at your bag and noticed that it's fake. The bag you are selling is not authentic like you claimed =)"

    And I got the following response:
    "I'm sorry, I believe your cousin may be mistaken. I purchased this bag from Saks Fifth Avenue approximately 3 years ago."

    And I replied with:
    "I own one of these bags in a different colour and it was authenticated by a few experts and it was proven to be authentic. I'm afraid it looks nothing like the bag you are selling.
    All right, well, anyways, good luck selling your authentic bag then!"

    Seriously, is the seller just plain dumb or is he/she a bad liar?
    I'm still waiting for a response, but I wonder how the seller will justify his/her pochette's authenticity...tell me to ask MyPoupette? :rolleyes:
    Anyways, I've reported this listing...and for some reason it doesn't show up on the seller's listings any more...maybe eBay removed it or he/she removed it.
  2. The seller is just another eBay liar. They know damn well they didn't buy that monstrosity at Saks. Some less than honest people say if you get caught in a lie, just stick to it until the end. That's what this person is doing.
  3. :sick: :throwup:
  4. I reported this monstrosity to ebay.:cursing:
  5. Yikes..

    I will tell her I can smell the vinyl through my screen..LOL
  6. Sorry not sure if you posted or not, just wondering how things turned out with your two pochettes that you got off ebay ?

  7. Done..
  8. I'm getting a refund.
    I'll let everyone know once it's settled, k?
  9. LOL did you seriously message her telling her you can smell the vinyl through the screen?!?! :lol: :nuts:
  10. ugh I really can't stand ebay any more :sick:
  11. LOL...good one...I was thinking, could that be any more plastic.

  12. Yes, I did..I wonder if she will respond or not..I am sick of being polite with ugly fake :lol: :roflmfao:
  13. :throwup: eww....

  14. OMG, that is the best comeback....hahahahaha!!!!! :roflmfao:
  15. this thread is so funny! :nuts: