Ignes Reveal: Raspberry regular Ormala and Navy Midi Sofia


May 18, 2008
So this is a very late review and reveal, but I had a bunch of last minute guests and I felt a little silly taking out, hugging, obsessively photographing and cataloguing my new bags in front of them, so this took me a while. Sorry for the not-great lighting and pictures, I have to take them inside (live in an apartment building, I can't imaging how weird I would look standing outside taking photos of bags) so the color is not so great. I'll write up my impressions and reviews and then see how many pictures tPF will let me put in each post to get them all in :smile:

For reference, I am only just over 5' tall, I got the regular sized Ormala and the Midi Sofia

Introducing my new Raspberry regular-sized Ormala with lilac suede lining, antique gold hardware, extended handle drop, detachable shoulder strap, and zipper closure!

Listed dimensions: 15.5" length x 12" height x 5.5" width
My dimensions: At the base 15" length x 5" width, 12" height (note, I do think that the leather does "poof" out a little from the sides from the base, so the extra 0.5" in length and width are probably also accurate. Didn't really feel like holding out the sides and measuring

Leather: I never actually got to see either swatch in person before I ordered, but the raspberry leather is just as expected, it is glossy and veiny, the color is gorgeous and rich, not as soft and thick as my navy, but absolutely beautiful.
It seems to slouch more naturally than my midi Sofia, even though I think that the style of the Sofia is naturally slouchier than the Ormala. I think this is due to the thinner leather. I thought that there might be a problem with buckling at the base when it has my heavy laptop in it, but the base feels significantly stiffer than the sides, and as you can see in my modeling pictures below, at least for 5 minutes, the laptop didn't make the bottom buckle.

Suede: Love the color, love the feel. Mmm... *petpetpet* *looks up and blinks* oh yeah.. review...

Pockets , etc: As you can hopefully see in my pictures, on the inside "back" of the bag, there is one zippered pocket in the suede lining, approximately 4" deep and 7" wide. This pocket has a small zipper pull tab, about 3/4" long and there has been some mention of it being a little small to pull on. If this starts to bug me, I'm going to thread a piece of leather or ribbon in lilac or raspberry through it to make my own pulltab.
There are two leather pockets below this back zipper pocket that can hold your cell phone I assume, each 4" wide by 3.5" deep.
Along the "front" inside of the bag, there is a zippered pouch, that is held to the front with a fairly strong magnet. This pouch runs the length of the inner bag and is about 6" deep. The gap between the pouch and the real front of the bag also forms it's own pocket. Having not actually used the bag yet, I can't speak to functionality yet, but I doubt I'll have trouble finding places to put things (I also have a purse-to-go)

The feet are cute

Modifications and comments:
1) extended handle drop: I am not a handheld bag person, I wear everything on my shoulder so this was a must for me and it is very comfortable with the rolled handles. With my extended handle drop, there is definitely room for a larger jacket underneath. If you are short like me and want to carry it by hand, I wouldn't extend the handle, since dropping straight down, the bag is only 2 inches from the ground. Glad I got this, for my particular preferences.

To be continued in next post... too many pictures apparently...


May 18, 2008

2) Detachable shoulder strap: love this one, I wasn't sure about wearing this messenger style, but I find it to be very comfortable and I think it looks cute. The quality of the strap is not disappointing to me (which I only mention because another member with a strap had mentioned it), since it is made of the same leather as my bag, is well stitched and of good size, I can't really think of any modifications I would request to "improve" it. There are three choices for which hole to choose, spaced approximately 3.5" apart, on one side. The other side of the shoulder strap is of fixed length. I also am very happy with how the shoulder strap attaches to the side of the bag, if I didn't know that it wasn't supposed to be there, I wouldn't know it. Also very glad I got this modification.

Longest hole strap:

Shortest hole strap

3) Zipper closure: Apparently my Ormala is the first finished with this modification. I have mixed feelings on this one. For my own sense of security, I prefer zipper closures so functionally, I am very happy with this. The zip moves well and is stitched securely. With that said, I'm not sure I like the "tail" of the zipper (which you can see below). I'm sure it is that long for functionality and so that I can open the bag wide enough to get large items in and out, but can hang off the edge of the bag outside if I don't tuck it back in. Also, when there is something heavy in my bag that also has a narrow base (eg my laptop), I have noticed that the leather body pulling down causes the leather tabs holding the zipper to pop up (does this make sense), meaning that the zipper (and it's red sides) is more visible than I would like. I don't regret this modification, I need it for functionality and can't see how it could be improved without affecting the function of the bag, but I think it is something that people might want to be aware of if they are planning on using it to carry a heavy laptop

Customer service: Insane! The BEST! I heart Ignacio! Having no bags with retail value above 500 dollars, I won't rave about quality in comparison to big name brands, I can only say that I have absolutely no complaints, everything arrived as expected, most often much better. The amount of customization available, the crazy variety of ever changing choices, and the beautiful suedes are only the tip of the iceberg, the other intangibles about this company's customer service that are not physically shown in your bag are like extra whipped cream on top of a decadent chocolate brownie (sorry, I'm hungry). I ordered my bags through Ignacio, one of the co-owners, who truly goes above and beyond for every single customer, answering all my questions fully and in detail (as you can tell, I write looong emails with lots of questions), remembering things I spoke about 2 weeks and 5 emails ago, and doesn't make me feel like a pest.


May 18, 2008
Extra modeling photos:
held in crook of arm

You can also see here where the zipper part is popping up a little because I have my laptop in it, so the weight and the narrowness of the weight distribution on the bottom pulls the sides down and makes those leather tabs pop up.

The reveal of the Navy Midi Sofia will show up... sometime between now and Tuesday evening, depending when I get around to writing it all up :smile: Sorry for all the pictures!
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No Cute

cupcake butt
Aug 17, 2008
Such a gorgeous bag! And I love the reviews!! Thank you! Absolutely gorgeous bag and it looks great on you!

I ordered the same modifications...now to go back and be sure the handles are still rolled, not flat, as I can't remember what we discussed given my heavy weight needs.


Handbag Addict
Aug 25, 2006
Wow,thanks for such a wonderful review. Your Ormala is stunning! What a gorgeous laptop bag. Congrats, you made great requests! Love the rounded shoulder straps and messenger strap.


Apr 26, 2008
Kkay, you and I have similar tastes! I ordered the same 2 bags! I think the Ormala will look different on me as I am taller and heavier than you. It seems bigger than I thought it would be. But gorgeous none the less!

Soccer Mom

Nov 2, 2007
Thanks for the detailed review and all of the pictures. What a lovely bag! It really looks nice on you! I love that color:tup:


Aug 22, 2008
That Ormala is totally TDF! Thanks for the review and the great modeling pics. It's really great to see the bags "in action." I can't wait to read about your midi Sofia!


In deo speramus
Oct 15, 2007
Kkay, most excellent review with fantastic pics ~ thank you!!! Your raspberry Ormala ROCKS!!!


Apr 17, 2006
I think your bag looks great on you!

I do wonder if there's any way to make the zip more discreet.
Jul 14, 2008
Gorgeous bags and marvellous review, You know how to explain thing very well, I almost felt I was touching your ormala...
I was having the miniormala with the zipper closure, but yesterday Ignacio told me that you cant close the flap so much becouse of the zipper, so I changed to magnetic closure ( for me is not a laptop bag).

Now, I will be waiting to see the midisofia review. I think you will be the first to post modelling pictures of a midisofia!