Ignes Giveaway - Winner Will Win a Travel Set!

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  1. WhooHoo...already voted on this...very cool!
  2. Snooping complete: cracked silver Amelia, and a Chiara (only one of the three with a zipper option, right? Wonder what the travel bag looks like. I could totally use one to carryon for my trip next week ;)
  3. mmm...lovely colors too... AND SUEDE! *drool*
  4. I know I love the leather in that top photo - looks delicious!
  5. Looks nice!
  6. LOL...wonder if we can register for the 35% no time limit coupon ROFL :X
  7. ^ Er, I registered anyway! :P It didn't say for first-timers only, right?? :biggrin:

    The travel bag looks interesting! I'd love to find out the dimensions. Looks like it's designed to be short enough to fit under the seat too -- nice touch! I'm wondering what's up with that pouch/pocket thing in front, though? Looks like it's removable?

    The Amalia definitely looks so pretty in cracked silver! The Chiara's in tinted blue, no? Hmm, I've been toying with the idea of a rolled-handle Emilia or Mini E in tinted blue, but I may just have to look at the Chiara in that leather instead... :thinking:
  8. ^Is that Tinted Blue or GIB??

    I'd love to see those leathers next to BE's Petrol.
  9. I just spoke to Maria about this. It is 35% off until Sept 20 for any purse forum member including us. 20% off after that to anyone. Not aplicable to existing orders and good for one order only.
  10. The texture doesn't look like GIB, so I'm guessing Tinted Blue. (Ah, in fact, just checked the poll page, and it's listed as "Tinted Navy". Another name for Tinted Blue? :thinking:)

    ll, thanks for that info! Uh-oh, now I'm wondering if I ought to order an Ormala much sooner than I'd planned to!
  11. I need that travel bag right now...lol! This weekend, in fact. lol.
  12. OMG....you mean we get to order ANOTHER bag at 35% off??

  13. Thanks LL! Sooo tempting. But, I PROMISED myself, no more! Or, should I just do it just in case the fall/winter leathers are announced...ugh no no no. I have a baby, a wedding and two bridal showers to attend in the next month. RESISTING!