Ignes Giveaway - Winner Will Win a Travel Set!

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  1. http://www.purseblog.com/giveaways/ignes-handbags.html

    I am sure many of you are enjoying a wonderful three day weekend! While you are planning any weekend trips or thinking about an delish BBQ coming up this weekend, we have something else for you to get excited about. We are partnering with Ignes Handbags to bring you a wonderful giveaway! I won’t spill all the details now, but make sure to come back on Monday and offer your two cents about what kind of bags you’d like to see custom designed for the giveaway!

    Exciting right? Well, while we love bringing you some amazing giveaways, we also love introducing you to some great brands out there. Several of you are very familiar with Ignes over on the tPF (the Purse Forum). Yet, for those of you who aren’t as familiar, I wanted to tell you a bit about the brand. Ignes was founded by the sister-brother team Maria and Ignacio. Ignes has been put on the map due to the fabulous leathers, customizable options and overall individuality. Maria and Ignacio want to provide gorgeous handbags while remaining socially responsible. In fact, Ignes won the Most Socially Responsible Handbag Award at the Handbag Designer Awards. Amazing, right?

    One last thing I can’t help but mention… the winner of this giveaway will win a Travel Set (travel bag, shoulder bag and travel wallet). Stay tuned!!
  2. I am so excited that Ignes is being featured like this on the Purse Blog. They certainly deserve the recognition - and how cool that there is a contest too!
  3. WOW Nat...thanks for the info. This is totally cool!!
  4. awesome, thanks for the news, Nat!
  5. IA, very cool to see Ignes featured on tPB once in awhile! Thanks for the news on the giveaway, Nat!
  6. You're welcome, gals! Can't wait till Monday!
  7. This is going to be an awesome giveaway!!! We love them, so excited for it all :smile:
  8. ^^^Aren't they the nices, Megs? So genuinely sweet, both Maria and Ignancio. I'm excited...and I wanna win ;) teehee.
  9. I have been waiting for Ignes to make a Travel set, I think it will be gorgeous and I love the leathers they use so...
    When, when, when it is going to be available? I cannot wait...
  10. Very cool!
  11. I think if i like the design I will have the matching set... all three bags in the same luscious leather. for me the tinted leathers are perfect for a travelling bag as they are soft, ligthweigth and virtually indestructible! I am torn between navy and cognac... or tinted wine...or tinted chocolate...unless another tinted leather is discovered;)!
  12. Yes, I thought it interesting that the color options were so completely different. I am not into matchy matchy but for a set I would want matching or coordinating! But it is an exciting contest. I think I started out voting for cognac!!
  13. I voted cognac... will go with everything really and just look so chic!