Ignes bags: anyone own?

  1. they are beautiful, don't own one
  2. I've never heard of them, but I really like them now! The Chiara is stunning--it reminds me of a more structured Tano Butane Jane.
  3. never heard of htem but they are lovely!
  4. They are beautiful bags aren't they?? I can't stop thinking about the Chiara in wine! Good price too. I'm torn between these two bags, please tell me which one you like better and is practical for every day use (ie carrying a ton of stuff to work):

    Ignes Chiara in Wine (first pic)

    Belen Echandia Charm Me in Fiama Red (couldn't find a pic of BE Charm Me- square tote bag - in red so I attached a pic of the petrol blue (which is also a nice color) and a pic of the Love Me should bag with zippers in the Fiama Red.)

    Arggh I love them both!:sweatdrop:
    ignes chiara.jpg belen charm me blue.jpg belen love me red.jpg
  5. Any opinions on which you like better? TIA!
  6. although ive never seen em IRL, id have to go with the Ignes Chiara. that bag is just so pretty!
  7. If you do a search, you will find past discussions. I definitely want an Ignes bag in the future.

    That chiara in wine is beautiful! I want a sofia for myself in the future.