Ignes at Fashion Philanthropy

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  1. Hi,
    Has anyone purchased an Ignes bag from this site: www.philanthrofashion.com ? Just curious, i'm in no way related just found it while googling, and also found a code. Seems like it might be a good way to try a Sofia.
  2. The black silver tango clutch is pretty hot.
  3. I went ahead and got the Sofia...seems like a great way to try it, with the code it came out to $204. I really like the whiskey color.
  4. ooh, thanks for posting this site! Nice sale prices!! I like the Romys! And, yes, the black silver clutch, niiiiice!

    did you post the code in our sales and codes thread in the stickies??

    congrats on snagging the sofia! excellent!!!
  5. I see me a purple baby Millie! Wow, awesome prices!
  6. Great site! They have a really cute purple bag that is $125 made of recycled leather in the US that would about $100 w/ the code (non Ignes though). Lots of cute Ignes clutches at a great price.
  7. Great experience!! I ordered Friday night, and got my bag today:heart: I love the Sofia bag, I'm not sure about the color, i'm thinking it's more brandy, or cognac then whiskey, but not sure. I will have to wait until tomorrow to post pics. Oh yeah, shipping was free, the bag was wrapped really nicely as well.
  8. oh great!! I can't wait to see!!! yay!! There are three whiskey leathers. What I call plain ol' whiskey, and light whiskey and dark whiskey. I wonder which one you have.
  9. Wow, rubycat! That's fast and awesome! I can't wait to see it. The purple baby Millie is kinda killin' me as it's a bag I've thought about for 6 months and always put others before it.
  10. Great- I am glad you are happy. Post photos when you can! The whiskey is a really pretty warm tone and looks great on that bag.
  11. sorry about the pictures, did my best:



    these are pretty accurate for color. I really do love her:heart:
  12. She's really nice, rubycat!!! Congrats!!
  13. I really like this color !
  14. Do you think it's dark whiskey, or more of a cognac?
  15. Lovely! That's a great neutral, and the color of the HW is very nice...you got a fantastic deal, congrats! (And thanks for posting about that site). :smile: