Ignes 1st-Time Buyer Incentive deal for tPF members

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  1. #1 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    The Ignes 1st-Time Buyer Incentive promotion for tPF members will change at the end of this month, when the new pricing schedule for A/W 2008 goes into effect.

    This is the current 1st-Time Buyer Incentive promo for tPF members, which will end towards the end of this month:
    • 15% discount on total order
    • complimentary suede lining (excludes special edition suede linings, which cost extra)
    • choice of hardware color
    • small modification and/or personalization
    • free shipping
    • pre-paid custom duty (standard purchase feature)

    The new 1st-Time Buyer Incentive promo for tPF members will begin when the A/W 2008 prices kick-in later this month and will include:
    • 15% discount on total order OR complimentary suede lining
    • choice of hardware color
    • small modification and/or personalization
    • free shipping (in the USA, please check directly with Ignes for other countries)
    • pre-paid custom duty (standard purchase feature)

    This is what I received from Ignacio ~ one of Ignes' two co-owners, yesterday on August 12th:

  2. Still, free shipping and the small modification is well worth it.
  3. I had never heard of Ignes before this thread. I've looked at the site and TPF threads--wow lovely bags! Does anyone know why the color selection on the site is much more limited that the color swatches so recently discussed on the threads?
  4. Excellent question adoptastray!!! Ignacio, one of Ignes co-owners (his sister Maria is the other co-owner, who is based in London) told me a few months ago that their web site only shows a fraction of what they have available to them. The current full range of Ignes leathers is at least 110. Within the next couple of weeks or so, Ignes will post a downloadable file on their web site that shows their full range of leathers. http://ignesbags.com/epages/eshop123749.sf

    Please join us on our main Ignes discussion thread to learn more about this terrific brand: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/ignes-bags-continuing-general-discussion-thread-330361-28.html

    Here's our bag photo thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/post-pics-of-ignes-bags-here-330033.html

    Here's our leather swatches thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/ignes-leather-swatches-colors-307310.html

    And, here's our short modeling pics thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/ignes-modeling-pictures-only-339598.html

    Also, Ignes is socially responsible, which carries weight in my book!! http://ignesbags.com/epages/eshop123749.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/eshop123749/Categories/%22Social%20Responsibility%22

    Ignes pricing will increase at the end of this month: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/ignes-new-season-price-increases-335634.html

  5. Just to add to what DSRK already said, they are still a fledgling co. in the handbag world so their web site and systems are not as up to date as a major company. But their customer service is the BEST I have ever worked with. They really want happy customers and will do free repairs for the life of the bag.
  6. The current incentive is a great deal! I love the idea of choosing the hardware colour! The wrong colour hardware can turn me off a bag, so this is a great idea! I haven't heard too much about this brand either, have read a few posts in the Handbags & Purses sub forum though.
  7. I think I would profit before it continues rising!
    I think the possibility of a custom made bag, with luxurious suede lining, and the fabulous leathers they use, should cost more than even the new prices.
    I think this prices are just because Ignes is still unknown. As time goes and they would be more recogniced, the prices obviously will be rising.
    So now I am making a good deal and will order 7 bags! ;) ( I know, I am Ignes crazy, but love the wonderful bags and CS)
  8. newbaglover, this is why I am ordering so many bags now, to beat the price increase. :yes: And, Ignes has no choice but to increase their prices. Ignes currently charges half, or less, than what many other brands charge that are somewhat comparable to Ignes quality in terms of materials and construction. I would say that Ignes quality (both materials & construction) is at least on par with some of the mid-range independent brands, if not better. In the case of several brands I own, Ignes is far superior ~ no question about it!!

    Right now, and even with the upcoming price increase, Ignes bags are a steal ~ compared to what I own and have seen at the better department stores, Ignes could charge two or three times what they currently charge, even with the new price increase, and their bags are worth every penny!!!

    Add to this their outstanding customer service ~ it is by far the absolute best I have ever experienced with any online merchant, and I have been purchasing online since I first gained internet access 13 years ago.

    As lionlaw so aptly stated, we are getting in at the ground level, before Ignes prices rise $200-$400 per bag as other young independent brands have done.

  9. I think you are SO rigth! :yes:
    I wont have any money left after this bg order, but is worth it!

    ( Poor in money but rich in beautiful bags and happiness. :wlae:

  10. I just chatted with Ignacio--what great advice and info he gives! I'll be ordering the dulce, sofia and mini ormala. I want the bags to be light (this is why I'm a balenciaga fan) and so will go with fabric lining rather than suede. Suede linings also tend to leave little bits of fuzz on my rubberized cell phone case and rubberized car key. He's going to send me pictures of his lightest weight leathers, including some colors that haven't been posted in the color swatch thread so I will post there when I get them!!
  11. adoptastray ~ FANTASTIC!!! I have the Dulce and Mini Sofia ~ both are really great styles!! And I have the Mini Ormala on order. :girlsigh: So true about suede lining adding weight to the bag and fuzzing. Can't wait to see your new bags ~ please come join us in our mail discussion thread!!! :yes:

  12. Glad to see you hopping on board adoptastray! :smile: I wish I could buy more bags before the price increase, but 3 Ignes bags will do for now.
  13. I am in a quandary here - I want to see the new styles and the look book before I order, but seems the price increase and change in buyer incentive will happen before then. So do I order something I am not 100% sure of, or wait?

    And I really want the lilac suede lining posted on the other thread. I hope that is carried til I'm ready!
  14. golden_gardens, no quandary here ~ please check your PM.

    Pink, raspberry, and lilac suede are out of stock.

  15. If you are into bbags, you might want to check out the lambskin leathers Ignacio offers and check and see if he offers goat skin. He generally just uses them for clutches since they are not as sturdy, but anyone who owns a bbag knows the drill with delicate leathers. My ink weekender needs constant "love" to keep the corners from fading.