iFrogz announces 40% off everything they offer!

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  1. i use iphone case and video ipod case:tup:...... they are great!!!
    and they are doing 40% off everything --- i ordered PINK cover for my iphone and recieved GREY....they shipped the replacement next day and let me keep both of them!!! THE BEST customer service i've dealt with!!!

    ipod video case.....specially this one i got for my toddler/pre-schooler....life saver!!! LOL http://ifrogz.com/products.php?cat=109
  2. What do you recommend purchasing from there, for someone who is about to get their first iPod? :shame: LOL, I am getting one for my birthday on May 1st. I asked for the ipod nano, 8gb. I have no idea what accessories to buy!!
  3. Oh gosh I am totally confused. They have covers for the ipod that I'm getting, but there is this whole new vocabulary that I don't understand! They offer "wraps" and "screenz". I think that wraps is the actual cover that I want, but wtf is a screenz? Gah!

    ETA: Nevermind. I am new to this iPod stuff but figured it out. Thanks for posting the link! I bought a cute blue case and a flowery screenz thingie. Now I need to buy something that will let me listen to the music in my car. :P
  4. Has anyone stumbled upon any free shipping codes for the site?

  5. coolbeans!!!!:tup: and you're very welcome......congrats on your case and ipod!!!!

    i just bought different iPhone case (pink leather one) --- i needed something different!:smile::heart:

    i bought a few of different iPod cases too --- i love changing them every so often! trust me, my daughter dropped them sooooooooo many times but not even a single scar on 'em! goooooood protection! i originally found the website through BABY magazine! ;)

    i couldn't find any FREE shipping code....but $5 isn't so bad....consider the gas prices!!!:yucky:
  6. I know. I just figured I'd better ask b/c I don't want to kick myself later when the coupon code comes out.
    I wish they had the headphone set for the iTouch. That'd be great for when my 3 year old insists on playing with it.
  7. wow thanks - perfect timing - i just got an iphone for my husband for our anniversary(romantic huh?) and have had a hard time finding a case that has a belt clip on it. appreciate the info! got the leather case for 20 bucks!
  8. Thanks for posting! :smile: DH got a bunch of stuff for his ipod.
  9. cool you guys!!!!! i'm glad i posted! =D
  10. I love my ifrogz wrapz! I've purchased at least 3 different combos of covers and screenz/clickwheel covers for my video ipod over the last year and they are the best. I've also purchased ipod shuffle covers for a family member and they loved them. The customer service is always responsive and friendly.

    What a great sale...I may have to pick up more! :love:
  11. Thanks for posting this, I'll have fun designing one
  12. ^^^ you're very welcome!!

    the deal ends tonight guys~ just bumping up once last time!! =D
  13. Yep, thanks for the bump. Just got a case for my iTouch, a car charger b/c the turquoise color is fabulous, and the headphones for my daughter.
    I sure wish money grew on trees.
  14. thank you very much! just got a leather case and car charger for 15 bucks
  15. Thanks! I got a ton of stuff.

    3 cases for my ipod mini, 1 for a ipod photo, 1 for a ipod classic, 1 for a ipod touch, a screen protector for the touch, 2 belt clips, and 1 headphone holder for $37.22!!

    I used coupon code shoppingbargains to save an additional 15% off the 40 % off.

    YAY! :tup: