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  1. If you can go out right now and have any bag you want, which would it be?
  2. Reasonably? Louis Vuitton Babylone.
  3. Just one ? ;)

    Black Le Fab.. top of the list, fabulously expensive !! It'd be followed by the white, then the blue, and red, and I'd even take a discontinued plum one.

    And then I wouldn't mind swinging by Chanel for a large beige classic flap in caviar.

    I could probably go on.. and on and on !!
  4. Definitely the YSL Muse.
  5. White Le Fab
  6. Reasonably: Louis Vuitton Taiga Viktor
    Unreasonably: SO Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 in Black Croc
  7. For me it's Balenciaga city in seafoam or eggplant.
  8. rouge birkin 35 with palladium hardware
  9. I would get a classic TODS tote...something that is forever.
  10. wait...wait...if I can resell it I would do a Croc Birkin
  11. Lana Marks Jet Tote in royal indigo alligator
  12. Croc birkin with diamonds :lol: Realistically a Clemence birkin in a taupe color.
  13. jumbo 228 grey chanel reissue
  14. second. yummy.

    and an LV keepall 55 with strap. :smile:
  15. Reasonably, a Chloe, either baby paddy in mousse or kerala in whiskey

    Unreasonably, Hermes mini rugby.