If you've seen a Jaune Paddy, please check in!

  1. Against the popular opinion, this is now officially my favorite Paddy color and I must have it! I want the regular satchel, not any of the newer styles. I haven't started my nation-wide search yet but thought I'd ask here if anyone has seen it. TIA!
  2. Nordstroms at FVM had some that I am pretty sure are jaunes in as of yesterday. It's the yellow mustardy color, right? I believe they had the paddy, the small pocket and the mini paddy in that color. Their number is: 619 295 4441
  3. Daisy
    Saks is getting the jaune in the satchel. I got it in the med pocket and returned it - too much yellow, but it will probably look good in a smaller size.
  4. Thanks girls! Yep, it's the yellow mustardy color but I don't really find it mustardy. I really liked it when I saw it at NM but I saw a girl carrying it yesterday and it looked absolutely gorgeous on her. I kind of see it as a yellow-tan. I hope I don't change my mind once I actually have it!

    Yay, I love FVM and they were first on my list to call!

    Coug, I saw that exact bag yesterday and I've concluded that I'm just not a fan of the Pocket and that Jaune definitely looks better on the regular satchel. Thanks!
  5. It was on LVR, but I guess it sold out.:sad: I think the jaune will look great in the satchel style, and I can't wait until you find one so we can see your pics!!!
  6. ET, yea, I'm surprised that this color sold out! It was the first color to sell out in the Zippy and I think it sold out pretty quickly in the regular too. Strange.

    Cougess, do you know when Saks will get theirs in? I might be able to save tax by ordering from Saks.
  7. Supposedly "soon". I'm waiting for a taupe satchel from saks and have not gotten it yet (or my edith in chamois for that matter).
  8. Oh, I got a letter from the Saks locator that they couldn't locate a Chamois for me. =( My guy is still trying though.

    Have you seen the Taupe in person yet? I finally saw another one yesterday at NM and was shocked that it's totally different than my Zippy, both in color and texture. Weird. They didn't stink like mine though, which is always nice.

    I was also in Saks yesterday and they had a Mousse satchel but that was it for the new colors.
  9. DONE. I'm a trainwreck that must be stopped. I ordered it from my Saks Chicago guy. =)

    Can I interest anyone in a Whiskey Paddy? :P :lol: :unsure:
  10. Daisy, you ordered the chamois Edith or the jaune Paddy? Or both? LOL.
  11. There's something about a great yellow bag I can't resist... haven't seen the jaune IRL but I bet it will be fabulous! Can't wait to see pics!!
  12. Daisy
    when you ordered your "stinky" bag from LVR, how long did it take for you to get the customs bill from fedex? I got a bag from LVR about 3 weeks ago and still no customs bill. Thanks!

    As for the chamois - my sa has not received the shipment yet at the store - I'm supposed to get one, but we will see. :lol:
  13. Cougess, did FedEx fax you the customs info for approval yet? I mean AFTER you received your bag? Mine came about two weeks after they faxed me the data.
  14. Fedex called me and asked me to fill out a form before my bag was delivered but that's it - nothing else to date.
  15. I have the Jaune Paddy Sachel. The pictures you see do not do justice since in most of the pictures I have seen, the bag looks darker and duller than it is. Depending on light, the bag looks very different. Neutral is the "In" color of the season, and I think it's a great spring/summer bag.

    Despite the fact I like the color, I may sell this bag since I find the Paddys to be a bit too heavy for me. Will see in the next couple of weeks whether I will like the bag enough to keep it...