If You've Been Wanting A Patchwork...

  1. Just wanted to make a quick post in case anyone is dying for the Patchwork but waiting for a sale....Here it is at a pretty nice price! I am sooo in love with this style!! :heart:

  2. The leather on that bag is so nice too!!!! I saw it in NM a while ago and touched it....it was heaven!!!!!
  3. There are patchwork bags on the Luisaviaroma site too. They call them 'small' but I am not sure that they are when you look at the dimensions. They seem a useful size to me. When you convert the Euros, they are a good price.

    I find them rather tempting as they are a bit different from the other Chloe bags. In fact they seem more subtle than lots of the bags on sale in general at the moment. They might be something that you could keep and have admired for simply years and years. (...........but I am sworn off buying now so had better stop thinking about this.)