If you've always wanted a bag with Kangaroo tail handles...Nuti half off at Neiman's!

  1. I have admired the Nuti bags made of ostrich and buffalo.

    But kangaroo tail!! Would have thought it would be furry? And green eelskin!! A little too much Noah Ark's going on in one bag for me...


    Now $834 from $1660!!

    From the Spring 2007 Runway.

    • Green eel skin with orange topstitching.
    • Pewter hardware.
    • Kangaroo tail handles with metallic wire rings; 6 1/2" drop.
    • Zip closure with leather pull tab.
    • Front stitched panel includes zip pocket with leather pull tab and flap pocket with metallic wire ring. Pockets, 7 1/2"W.
    • Open double pocket, each 8"W.
    • Orange lining.
    • Inside zip pocket with leather pull tab, 8"W.
    • 11"H x 14"W x 4"D.
    • Leather feet protect base of bag.
    • Made in Italy.
    • Not available in California.

  2. EEEEEWE! :sick:

    someone please tell me that "kangaroo tail handles" doesn't mean ACTUAL kangaroo tails!?!?
  3. My thoughts exactly. :blink:
  4. Sorry, but that's absolutely cruel.
    Leather is fine, but Kangaroo tails?!

  5. Kangaroo tails? This made me laugh!

    I live in Australia, in the outback of the state of Queensland. Roos? Everywhere. Driving where I live, you need a steel bullbar to be assured of getting home safely after dark. It's horrible, but there are so many of them out here it's dangerous not to have them. I've not lived in the outback too long, just 3.5 years, and still slow down as much as I can and toot to make them jump outta the way or back from the road before I get too close, but there are big roadtrains out here and roadkill lies every 50m.

    I love the roos, pain for driving that they are, but although their carcasses (from culling) are used for both meat and fur I'd never thought of their skin (fur on!!) being used in handbags! You can buy roo leather here - I'm currently learning to make my own handbag designs, and so have seen roo leather and it's pretty good - but to see it used overseas on designer bags is something else!

    As for cruel, I don't expect the cows and pigs who donate their skins to your bag leather and linings are any happier about it. I can't speak for how those are killed in other places (I believe usually stunning and blooding), but the roos here are culled in the wild by professionals taking headshots. I guess to kill anything can be described as cruel, but it's not like we're running after them with our boomerangs out here! They die instantly, unlike those other animals from which bags are more usually made.