If you're watching tennis right now.....

  1. between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Moya, I spy a Damier Azur Navigilio I believe sitting next to Novak's parents! Ok, so this isn't huge LV news, but it's fun to see LV on tv randomly like that. Maybe I should've posted this at the General Disussion forum but I believe it's ok here? I don't post many threads but I thought I would share this!
  2. Sure why not.. it is a vuitton sighting.

    The same excitement cannot apply to the match.. bleh.
  3. Hahhahahahhahahaaaaaaa!! (I would have posted this too..!) :tup:
  4. ya I saw that! Once I saw Mirka, Federers Girlfriends, have a LVOE Scarf!!
  5. oh she loves herself a little LV ... good woman! hot bf too. :smile:
  6. Now she's standing with it on her shoulder!
  7. Mirka loooves her LV. I think she sports her Inclusion bracelets a lot while watching Federer! Yeah, now Novak's mom is wearing her Naviglio on her shoulder ;)
  8. Ya, it is fun to spot LV when you're watching tv! I love to watch Dr. 90210. :p
  9. LOL!,I like to play iSpy Louis Vuitton once,and a while aswell! =] I was supposed to go to that game today!,stupid college ><
  10. That is so funny that you noticed that!
  11. I always see LV's on that show.
  12. When I went to Cincinnati I saw a tennis players wife. And she was sporting a lovely Damier Speedy 30. It was lovely with her skin color.