If you're still on the fence about the new GHD iron...


Mar 28, 2007
I kinda feel obligated to show what the GHD can do because it's amazing and if you need an iron, you need this one! Plus, the Sephora friends and family ends Wednesday...and you guys, it rocks! See what the hair iron from heaven did to my crazy curly hair! And I have comparison shots for what the Hai and Chi did to my hair for reference.

Pic #1: Hello, crazy curly hair! You're looking rather big and sassy today! Yes, my hair is quite big and the curls are rather small, and clearly, my hair is an even bigger pain to straighten. Sometimes it was just easier to let the hair do what it wants. This is my hair doing what it wants in May of this year.

Pic #2: This is the evil doing of the Chi and this is 4 years ago. Yes, it's technically straight, but it's technically dead, too. Not only does my hair look dry and brittle, (it was, in fact, dry and brittle) but also note how thin my hair is there. Ironing my hair with that evil iron thinned out my hair tremendously. Don't mind the brassy hair, I thought I could pull off light brown in high school. It just brassed up. :throwup: to the Chi. Straightening time: 50 minutes. Why? Because I had to do sections over and over and over again. That was definitely great for my hair.

Pic #3: A bitsy better than Chi, but not by much. This is the work of the Hai and while it's not as damaging as the Chi was (note how my hair became thick again) but my hair still looks dry and a bit frizzed. Here, I'm the girl at the party that everyone knows has curly hair but she straightened it and now it looks a mess. Don't you love that girl? :yucky: Straightening time: 40 minutes.

Pic #4: Hello, beautiful hair! I didn't know you existed atop my head unless I went to an aerosol smelling cavern where I paid a woman with strong upper arms to blow you dry with a round brush and some hot hair. It's so shiny and straight, and not dry or weird looking. My boyfriend's response: "I could never rationalize spending $200 on something like a hair iron, but oh my God, you're hair is so shiny and soft, that thing was worth it." Straightening time: 25 minutes. Please note that my hair is way longer than Chi days and longer than Hai days too, and despite that, GHD takes less time.

Pic #5: And a close up of my hair! I had no idea my brown hair was so multi-tonal! I just thought my hair was dark! I love you GHD, I wouldn't trade you for the world! :love:



Dec 5, 2005
Upstate NY
Ok. You have convinced me. I have been hesistant, but I need to get it now before the 20% ends. I guess another purchase at Sephora is warranted. Thanks for posting. Your hair looks beautiful!


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
New York City
great idea! i'll do the same.

1. Curly hair - my hair does that naturally, the curls are small, but my hair is also fine, which means it's very sensitive to products and styling. My hair here is very long and healthy, because even though it's VERY hilighted, I hadn't straightened it in more than a year when this pic was taken.

2. The CHI. Oh that crappy CHI. This was about an hour after straightening. You can see my hair was NOT shiny at all, very dull looking, starting to poof, and curling at the ends. Not exactly the look I was going for, kwim? And I hadn't even stepped out of the house at this point, and my AC was on. So it wasn't heat and humidity, CHI is just a crappy product. I followed a very careful regiment of blowdrying first, using very good products, and always using a heat protectant, but when I ironed with my CHI, this was always the result.

3. The END of the day, after having ironed with my CHI TWICE that day. This was about 8 p.m. I ironed before I went to the mall that day and after I got home, and I was about to get ready to go out to dinner here (I took the pic because a wonderful Dior SA did my makeup at the mall). My hair is REALLY poofing, wavy, starting to separate and frizz out, and curly at the ends. No amount of mousse, hairspray, or very careful straightening could help me. You can also tell how damaged my hair is from the CHI. This was about 3 months ago.

4. Ahhh, hallelujah GHD. A good hair day, it is! My hair has obviously been colored here and cut, and I WOULD NOT be able to have this cut without the GHD. Your hair has to be very sleek and non-poofy to pull off the Posh Bob, and without the GHD, well, I'd have been screwed. This is about an hour after straightening, and I didn't take one at the end of the day to compare, because at the end of the day, it looks EXACTLY THE SAME. I'm telling you, not a bit of difference. There is no poof, there is no wave, there is no curling at the ends. My hair is healthy, shiny, and not the least bit frizzy. It never gets wavy, and the ends don't curl unless I curl them.

Elapsed straightening time with CHI: 50-60 minutes. GHD: 8-9. I believe if my hair was the same length that it was when I was using the CHI, it would take me no more than 15 minutes.

Any questions? :tup:



Which bag to buy today?
Mar 27, 2006

Sorry for the caps, but I am now truly convinced that I need this one. I nearly bought one a few months back when I was in Melbourne, but didn't coz of the steep price.
I finally found a place here in my city that sells them. I'm calling them on Monday!

Great pics btw.. and Amanda, I LOVE your new hair! The bob looks great!


Mar 7, 2007
Wow...you both look AMAZING!!!

amiekbs8 you are adorable.

Amanda, keep your hair dark girl!!! I can't say how much fresher you look than with blonde. Your eyes pop!

Now fill me in on the Sephora F&F...do I need a special coupon? OR can I get lucky and just walk in and ask for the discount?


Mar 28, 2007
Thank you stacmck, stylized, and wordpast! I was literally floored by the iron.

and yay kalimarie, Danica, and sarahcantiik!!! I'm glad I could help convince you! Amanda convinced me and I totally owe her a million hugs!

speaking of Miss Amanda, your hair looks amazing, lady! I love love love the dark hair on you, your face is framed so beautifully with the hair. yay for nice hair!

and awww thank you HubbaWubba, that's so nice of you to say! lol as for the F&F, it's an online only thing, you just need to order it online and when they ask you for a promo code (the second to last step before payment), type in FF2007 and it's 20% off everything. I've bought so much, most notably the GHD!


Dec 30, 2005
Count me in as another fan. I ordered one after you guys gave testimony and I love the way it makes my hair look. Thanks!