If you're still looking for the MJ Pan Am Explorer Bag

  1. I just stopped by the MbyMJ store in LA and they have TONS in both blue and white. They're retailing for about $68 i think. I picked up a blue one! It's going to be my carry on/overnight bag. :wlae:
  2. ^^Congrats! I've been using my blue one as an overnight bag a lot this summer for all of my house-sitting gigs. You'll love it!
  3. ^^ thanks! i was dying to get one as soon as i saw it on TPF. i called everywhere and it was sold out. i even considered buying it on eBay but they're going for over $100 on eBay. im glad i waited this one out.
  4. ^^I remember seeing those bags going for so much more on eBay too. I couldn't believe it. I'm happy you got one at the right price!
  5. There is a ton there right now! They also have the quilted bags, the metallic and quilted wallets, and cute rubber boots for less than $30.
  6. They're available at mbmj SF, too! I'm headed over there tonight to pick up the pan am bowler for my flight to Vegas on thursday!

    Thanks for the tip, digablebeatz! Quick question, are you able to wear it comfortably on your shoulder? TIA!
  7. np couturefemme! im from sf too, but i was in LA for the weekend and thought it would be fun to see Rumer Willis (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughter) at the MbyMJ store (I also saw Chris Kattan shopping for clothes!)

    I can wear it over my shoulder but I dunno how "comfortable" that would be. I plan on wearing it like that if I need both hands free or if it's light. Otherwise, I'll probably carry it by hand.
  8. couturefemme - You're talking about the regular Explorer bowler, right? If so, I wear mine on my shoulder and it fits very comfortably. I've loaded it up pretty well too and it doesn't get very heavy.
  9. I have a white explorer and have used it on several plane trips. I've noticed that color transfers onto it easily. I supposed it is from jeans since the bag now has some blue stains that I can't seem to get out.

    Really wishing I hd the blue one right about now! Maybe I should go get another? hmm
  10. digablebeatz, ooh, I didn't know you were from the bay! Thanks for the feedback on the bag, I'm heading down to the store on Fillmore after work! That Chris Kattan is seen a lot down there, I had a few friends who saw him shopping a couple weeks back! Did you see Ms. Willis at the store? I think it's cool that she works there!

    luvpurses24, yes, I'm talking about the regular pan am bowler! I love that it's big enough that you can use it as a overnight bag and that you're able to wear it on your shoulder. I want to use it as my carryon bag. Thanks so much!!
  11. Just ordered the blue from the LA store today, and the SA said there were quite a bit of blue and white available.
  12. I got a blue innovator bag (vs the bowler- it didn't really fit on my shoulder comfortably) yesterday at the LA store.. adorable - it actually fits my 12 inch laptop so I might use it as my carry-on for my business trip tomorrow! My first time to the MbMJ store.. so fun! I picked up a funky ring, star pin, silver metallic wallet and green metallic change purse also - without breaking the bank. Certainly satisfied my MJ craving right now :smile:
  13. thanks for the heads up! thats such a great price... hmmm maybe i want, no i mean i need, one too!
  14. I was at the MJ store on Bleecker a couple of weeks ago and they received shipments of the dark and light blue as well as the white. They are going for 64.00 They do charge sends.
  15. Just left the Bleeker store in NYC and scored two of the large blue Pan Am bags, one quilted wallet in silver and another in gold, the silver MJ key necklace and a bunch of the cute $12 totes, which will make great Xmas gifts. They had a ton of flip flops (so cute for $11 but it was too crowded for try ons) and metallic quilted bags too. This was at the MJ accessories store -- at MbyMJ down the block, they had $20 Blondie t's, new leather totes for about $25, the Blondie bags and a ton of wallets and clutches. It was a mad house but I've been waiting forever for the Pan Am bags in the dark blue so it was worth it!