If you're *really* on a ban... come here and hang out with me!

  1. I for serious can NOT buy any more anything - for me at least until January. Maybe even longer. So if you're NOT looking for an enabler, or are looking for peeps to talk you out of stuff, come hang out with me here. We can totally admire others' purchases and keep up our resolve.

    I am totally lemming a legacy leather satchel. But I CAN NOT BUY IT. End of story. :smile:

    Anyone ELSE out there need a support group? (If not, I think I'll be pretty lonely for a while.)
  2. I'm not on a ban but I skipped PCE this round because I wasn't in love or need of anything. It's fun to see everyone's stuff but I admit I feel a teeny bit sad about not going.
  3. It's hard, having 25% off and not just finding something to buy with it. I eventually caved and bought the Ergo, and I don't regret it but... I need to stop shopping, even mentally. I am mentally considering buying like EVERY bag I ever see. Which is bad.

    In any case, I feel your pain about not going to PCE, except that I caved in to it. :/ Good on you - you'll have more cash for the last HALF of this year!
  4. I definitely need to go on a ban. I only bought a keyring at PCE, but I bought a Burberry yesterday. I've also bought a ton of clothes lately. Maybe I should go on a shopping ban altogether!
  5. This may need to be a sticky. I think I am going to need you! I am trying to save to go to the outlet and it is so hard. D&B is having their friends and family next weekend and I really want the small Burberry tote with the patent leather handles.
  6. Yeah, I'm going to try banning myself now too. I got my hobo at PCE and then picked up a signature beaded tote so I should be good for a while now! I see so many bags that turn my head though and it's hard to JUST SAY NO! LOL! It'd be nice if we could get this stickied or if we had something in our signatures that let us know who's on a ban and may need some gentle encouragement in a moment of weakness! LOL!
  7. Its hard to stay satisfied. Its like, okay, you have a lot of styles and colors, you can only carry one at a time, lets take it easy for awhile. But then I see something else I like!
  8. Great idea Cinediva! I think it's good to have a SAFE ROOM we can go to and get support when we need to let our wallets cool down.
  9. This is totally where I'm at. I'm feeling overwhelmed with my purses... and I don't even have as many as PyAri got in her shipment yesterday. ;)

    Also, my husband will probably have me committed if one more bag shows up in this house.
  10. OK, I'm going on a ban...really...right after I *see* what is at the outlet...I'll just look, I won't really buy anything. Well, maybe just a scarf. Maybe just a scarf and a charm. Maybe just a scarf and a charm or two... and a bag if it's on sale really really good. Maybe...:banned::huh::smash:
  11. Yeah, I am serious, after maybe a wallet to match my need legacy shoulder (:busted) I am done till at least August when I go to the outlet or maybe longer, may skip outlet and could use a little support/reminder to stop looking :tup: :banned::bagslap:

    I could not skip PCE though since it was my first.
  12. Haha I love this! I'm pretty much always on a ban or if i do spend it's "controlled spending". So, i think i'm going to be in here quite a bit. But, right now, it's PCE and Bagandshoefetish was a complete angel and sent me her card and by gosh, i'm going to use it! (btw, before this, my last Coach purchase was in January, so i'm really good to sticking with my bans)
  13. I should have been banned years ago! I'm on a "natural" ban, I'm not interested in anything right now. I'm using and enjoying what I have. The beautiful bags currently available for one feature or another I know would not suit me. Guess I'm lucky for the moment!
  14. lol i'm glad to see a really ban ban thread :p. as u can see in my signature my next bag is months (u can add up the months to become years) away.

    not that i owned many bags but i've not been using them much. i feel bad for even thinking to get another bag. at the moment i'm happy with my small bag collection :love:.

    i really want to stick to my self impose ban (now if only time can fly i'll be an even happier person :lol:)
  15. entheos:

    I feel the same way. The beautiful bags in the new Coach Catalog do not suit me. I love the new Legacy flap bag but it is only being made in whiskey, citron, camel and black. I don't want any of those colors for fall, I want bottle green or clay. I am just going to wait and see what comes out later in the season.