If you're not crazy about the City...

  1. Okay, I'm curious to hear what other folks have to say. I'm not convinced the City bag is for me. Everytime I've gone to BalNY I've tried it, but have always gotten something else. I kind of think I should get a City, but I'm not sure I genuinely like them. They always just seem very big and square to me. But then again I wonder if it's just that I've never had one, and if I get one maybe I'd be as attached to it as I am to my other bags.:confused1:

    Could other posters who prefer other styles to the City let me know which is their favorite style and why?

    I have to make a decision by the time Anthracite comes in.
  2. wait, you want us to talk you out of a city? Personally it's my favorite style, so i'm going to have a hard time doing that! haha
  3. I'm trying hard to like the City...but I'm concerned I'm trying too hard. Maybe when I see it in Anthracite I'll fall in love.
  4. Me too! I LOVE the city!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  5. ^^What other model's do you have?
  6. I have also tried hard to like the city - but since I want to carry it over my shoulder, I don't think it looks good. It gaps awkwardly and becomes misshapen when I carry it that way. So far, I have stuck to days, purses and works.
  7. I love the city but for some colors, I prefer different styles. I wish they weren't discontinuing the purse because I like the softer colors in that style. I would have loved to have a white one and a pale pink one. I like the first but I feel the same way about that that you feel about the city. I want to like it but when I see it in person, I just don't. I always come back to the city. Any bigger than that would swallow me up since I am 5'2".
  8. highgloss, i wasn't sure about the city either at 1st, but now i love it!!! :tender:
  9. ^^I totally agree. I have a 2001 le dix classique that I love, but part of it is because I fell in love with Sienna's many years ago and hunted one down. I use it only as an evening bag - my citites are my real "go-to" b-bags. I love how balenciaga bags look on the crook of your arm. I also love the strap for when you need to put it on your shoulder in a pinch. It's the perfect size without overwhelming me.
  10. highgloss, I completely understand your dilemma - I've tried and tried to like the city, and I just can't get there. I think maybe I just respond to rounded shapes better - the purse, first, day, shrug - anything that's a bit softer in silhouette. I like the city in concept - like a kind of subversive, deconstructed briefcase - but in fact, it just doesn't feel right or look right on me. I've just decided there's no "should" about it - just 'cuz I like Balenciaga doesn't mean I have to have a city.
  11. i don't like the city on me either. it looks fine with the shoulder strap, but i don't like how it looks against me when i wear it on my shoulder with the handstraps.
    i personally prefer the first for evening, and the box and twiggy for all any other times.
  12. :confused1: You need to hear from pf-er Beverly. She had all City's and now has switched to the First. And you know don't feel bad if you never end up liking it. That is the beauty of fashion, there ares styles to suite everyone. I know lots of gals love the Twiggy, but no matter how beautiful the 05 Turq Twiggy was that I bought, I could not learn to love that style. My favorite for a smaller bag that is not too small is the Box, and for a bigger bag that is not too big is the City. But I have only seen a City, Work, Twiggy, and Box in person, so I am no expert on all the styles. Here is a picture of three styles together! Good luck with whatever you end up choosing, and make sure to share photos!
  13. I know how you feel! I feel the same way, which is why I went for the classique, but the size didn't work for me.
  14. I love the look of the city, but it wasn't a practical bag for me. The handles were too short to carry on the shoulder and unless I kept it fully zipped all the time when I used the shoulder strap - it wouldn't hang well. As a mom of two kids, I keep my bags unzipped for quick access.

    My favorite style is the day style - its chic, lightweight, easy to carry and get in and out of. I had a twiggy for awhile and while I liked it better than the city, I ended up selling it so I could buy another day.

    Haven't tried the purse or the mini bowling yet, but I have a feeling I would like them.
  15. It took me a while to 'warm' to my City...

    I think it was because I was so used to the Twiggy style that I was very hesitant with her as she was a different size and shape...

    Now shes much loved, super comfy and practical for me!

    I'm always a little funny when I buy new bags, takes me a while for them to grow on me...

    Sounds weird, I know...