If you’re not buying Chanel, what’s your 2nd choice….

Jul 4, 2015
My second or sometimes even first choice is Hermes. I've been lucky to find what I wanted on their website, including bags. I feel very uncomfortable in their boutiques and would never play games or buy junk to be "offered" something. In Chanel boutiques I've always felt welcome and I've always loved buying from them in store. I really hope that doesn't change with all their new rules.


Mar 1, 2017
My collection is mostly Louis Vuitton. And I love their canvas bags. From Chanel i own only the Classic Flap. Was trying to buy another Chanel, a 2.55 mini or Chanel 19. If i dont find the color i want, i will consider Dior. Love the Lady Dior and Caro. Leather seems more durable and also luxurious. Their accessibility is also great. Had a very nice experience in the boutique when i dropped by the other day. Quiet welcoming contrary to snob Chanel sales associates.
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Sep 23, 2007
LV canvas. It was the first luxury brand I was in love with and will always have a special place in my heart. I have more chanel bags than LV but LV bags are so worry free and better for day to day usage. I also like LV customer service much much more than chanel (both pre-purchase and post purchase repair/replacement etc)


Feb 12, 2019
Chanel aesthetic is hard to match...2nd choice will be Hermes, non-animal version only.

So right…I always return to Chanel, no matter how hard I am trying to escape :doh:

Just love the aesthetic, history and overall feeling.

Quality issues from other brands among lower resell value are further crucial points for me.

…yes Chanel is not perfect and meanwhile they charge the most… I can't explain it. Even poor quality (I only had one defect item which they were willing to repair) and poor treatment by two SAs I didn‘t know- that didn‘t drive me away completely.

The positive definitely overweighs for me. Now I only own CC and LV.
Both have issues, both are not always very welcoming in boutiques. It depends on the people you meet and the country you are in.