If you're looking for a YSL Muse bag...

  1. a shipment just came from the YSL 57th St. store in NYC and they got a shipment of Muse bags but say they're going FAST so call quick if you're on the hunt--they had white, black, all sizes and one in this gorgeous caramel color that they said is one of only 2 made....the SA's there are super nice, ask for Scott or Christina 212-980-2970
  2. Thank you Thank you for the info. I think I'm going to break my indecisiveness and get one. Whats one more great bag?!
  3. Thankyou so much for this thread!! As soon as I read it yesterday I called my friend who lives in NYC (I live in Italy!) and told him to rush to YSL to see about the Tan colored Muse which I've been looking for for so long and couldn't find. He had already been to Saks and they were sold out. Anyway he went... and got it..!!! He said they had one medium and one oversize, I got the oversize. I'm really thrilled that thanks to you and the PF I finally managed to find my bag..Now I'll have to wait a month 'cause my friend will be coming to Italy in the beguinning of May, can't wait...!!

    I'll post pics as soon as I get it..and THANKS again..!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
  4. Congrats Duna!!!

    And thanks for the heads-up callmelulu!!