If You're Looking for a Poudre Julie...


Sep 11, 2006
These have been sold out on the BV web site for a long time, but they're on www.matchesfashion.com based in the UK, and you can save an additional 15% by entering the code: BS2972 in the "promo code" field (good until June 20th). If you're outside of the EU, also factor in the VAT deduction, so it's a good deal.

Unfortunately, and I'm cringing as I type this, they use DHL as their carrier; but the 15% savings should help deflect some of that pain and suffering. There are two sizes available, the (approx.) 18"x18" and the 15"x15", which is the one I just bought. I believe there is only one of the smaller ones remaining at this point. Hoping a tPFer can take advantage of this.

BTW, they don't call it the "Julie" on the site - they refer to it as the Bottega Veneta "Powder" bag, so bear that in mind when searching for it. There are some other BV bags, too; an Old Petra Sloane and a large tote (name unknown), and lots of beautiful clothes.