If you're looking for a planner...

  1. Check your local outlet first!

    I made it to the oh so crowded outlet today (sawgrass) and Im happy to report I got a beautiful 4 x 7 planner.

    [​IMG] (This pic is borrowed from eBay)

    There were like 3 other ones (the same as this one) and a couple of the scarf print planners... also I saw one of the big ones in the same crimson style.

    The only thing is they are 2007 planners but when I went to go pay for it I asked the girl if they had the 08 refill and for how much and she told me actually we do if you want ill change it for you (she took out the 07 and put in the 08) :yahoo: I thought that was so nice of her!

    I have been admiring the planners and it was so cheap I couldnt pass it up! It was 79.99 - 20% (clearance) and they were doing the extra 10% off everything today so the grand total was.... $57.60 :yahoo:

    It was really full though and my bf offered to stand in line for me while I looked around and the poor thing had to put up with a guy who was chewing gum like a cow in line behind him so he was a little irritated.... poor thing!
  2. Oh man, that is a good deal! :tup: I know I love my 6 x 8 planner.
  3. Very nice and a GREAT price!!!
  4. Thank you ladies. I am in love. I love the red and I am very addicted to my planner (our school gives us one for free) and now I can change my old one for this one!!!!:p
  5. That is sooo cute! I love Coach planners....never leave home without mine =)
  6. I love the crimson color! Congrats on such a great deal!
  7. Aww... what a great deal! Congrats! I'm also looking for a Planner but the style I want is no longer available at the stores... (black leather with button closure) and it's frustrating to settle for another style and having to pay regular price at the store. The closest outlet to me is in Buffalo but they didn't have the black leather styles anymore.
  8. gotta love the outlets!!
  9. Nice, They never had cool planners at the outlets where I go, everything is always that black and grey mini signature. Great deal too !
  10. Oh, thats pretty. I have been looking for a planner. I seen one last week at TJMaxx on clearance for $39.99 and I passed it up-I know, I know that was very stupid of me. But I was in a hurry. So of course they were gone went I went back. So now I am in a search for another planner. There is no outlets near me so I am looking at eBay.
  11. OMG...I am on my way there tomorrow...wish me luck to get one of those.....:wlae::wlae:
  12. Omg the school planners are crap compared to Coach, right? haha ~ it's so pretty, congrats!! Thanks for the info ~ I'll definitely check the outlet first before getting one at the store, that's such a deal :smile:
  13. That is absolutly adorable! And you seem to have a good man! Hahaha. I always see planners at the outlet, and am tempted to buy one, but I always use planners for like, 2 or 3 weeks and then stop.
  14. I'm carrying my new Coach planner I scored at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago. It's 6X8 punch w/snakeskin.
  15. have you checked eBay? or maybe ask if anyone sees one at their outlet to let you know? I know at our outlet they always seem to have the black and white signature fabric.