if youre looking for a navy 227 or white reissue...

  1. Hi girls! 2 of my lovely SAs have called me....one for the navy 227 reissue which is 2850 and another for the stark white reissue in a smaller size. If you are serious about buying it, please pm me for their info. I would prefer to only share their info if you are getting it for sure because I don't want to drown them with phone calls, so if you just want their info to get a pic or get the price, I will be posting that later on today.
  2. Can i see the picture of the white reissue?
    if that one is smaller, then that will be 226?
    thank you. :smile:
  3. i saw the white 225 size in nm, too small
  4. May I know where can i find navy 227?
  5. I love the navy!:love:
    I wonder how many of our member have them now
  6. I've also returned a metallic navy 227. Mailed out yesterday, won't be back at the store until next week. If someone seriously wants it, I'm sure my SA will sell it to them (don't know if they still have a wait list for it though.) PM me for SA info if interested in purchasing.
  7. I'm sorry i'm still clueless abt the 227..so 227 is the largest reissue, is it same size like Classic Jumbo (12 x 8 appx) ?

    photomj..just curious why did u return your Navy 227 ?
  8. Hi Deziner -

    The 227 is the second to largest bag. It measures 12 x 8 x 4. There is a larger size that retails for about $3450? The 227 was at $2850.

    I bought both the 226 and 227 size in Navy. I LOVE blue but for some reason, the reissues just aren't the bag for me. I saw a "new" bag at NM tonight that I want! Funny thing is, it's blue too! :yahoo: (I also have the LAX tote in Blue.....maybe I need a color change!)
  9. photomj hahaha you are sure a blue color lovers ! Thanks for youe reply !!
    Love your LAX tote btw..very pretty bag !! :tup: :tup:
  10. Hi, is that the metallic navy blue in 227 that you have? is it still available?