If you're looking for a mint cond. 04 Turq City...

  1. OMG! the mint condition of this bag is making me nervous...
  2. I saw that last night when it was a $400 and made an offer to the seller (it was higher than what it ended at too!)

    This morning I woke up and it was gone...I was so upset.
    I guess it wasn't to be.
  3. I've never seen a Turq '04 that minty before ... so it almost looked unreal to me (not fake ... but unreal ... like a dream ... like I woke up and it was 2004 again and these were flyin' off the shelves... ;) ).f

    mpark...I am so sorry you didn't get it...it doesn't make sense!!! :crybaby:
  4. Argh why did they put BIN?! :hysteric: She going to put it back up at like $1500. She has like 2 of these now.
  5. That's a beautiful bag. She got it at a steal. It would be sad if she tried to charge that much for it. Didn't the seller know how much more it was worth?
  6. Me too, fiatflux...:sleepy: :shocked:
  7. I'm sorry for you too. :sad:

    These damn resellers, don't they have anything else to do.....like sleep?:hysteric: oh well.:girlsigh:

  8. These auction drop off, we'll sell it on Ebay type sellers always let valuable bags go for much less than they could go for. I don't think they really care because it is not their bag and they get paid just to sell it.

    I've seen the woman that won this list an '04 turquoise city at least twice now. I bid $1500 on one of hers once and she cancelled my bid then offered it to me for $200 more after the auction. I was so upset because I really wanted that bag at the time. :sad:
  9. So you think the winner will resell the bag? It is so pretty!
  10. I bet she will. She's listed bags she just won fairly quickly before. I think she just bought it to resell.
  11. I guess in all fairness, resellers have the right to do this. It just sucks that you know they don't appreciate such a beautiful bag like one of us would if we had it...