If you're looking for a large reissue bag in Gray...

  1. I happen to know that there is one at the NM in Tysons Galleria, VA. That's because, like an idiot, I asked the nice lady there last week to look around to see if she could get one for me. I'm an idiot because there is no way in heck right now that I can afford to buy that bag. Maybe in a few months, when I have more money saved up, but not right now. I guess I was hoping that it would take her longer than NINE DAYS. LOL

    So if you want this bag, call up the Chanel boutique at NM and tell them the lady who has it on hold said you can have it. They can even call me (they have the number) to verify if they don't believe you.

  2. his angel has one in market place as well :biggrin:
  3. It would, definitely, be so wonderful if somebody could help his angel out!
  4. Do you know what size? large? jumbo? :P
  5. It's the large size, one down from jumbo.
  6. thats soooooo sweet!! :biggrin: i never realised you guys were routing for me !! :biggrin: thanks!!
  7. Of course we were, his angel!