if you're looking for a 226 violet reissue...

  1. hello ladies! i already got my GH violet reissue in a 227...but just got a call from my SA for the 226. if you have been waiting for this bag and REALLY want it, pm me for info and i'll be glad to forward. as i stated in the other thread i started about the navy 227 and the white 226, please only PM me if you are serious about buying the bag because i don't want my SA to get tonnnnns of calls. :yes:
  2. Help I don't know how to PM but I want this bag !!!!!!!! 226 Violet
  3. Hi Fashionispoison,

    I would like to purchase a 226 violet, can you please forward the information to me? my email address is murazara@gmail.com

    I don't know how to pm, Thank you so much!
  4. hello ladies. a TPFer already got the info from me and i'll be waiting to hear back from her to confirm that she got the bag, if she doesn't get it, i will fwd my SA's info. sorry i know this can be torturous but i was asked by my SA not to put down his info on the forum because it can be overwhelming. i will keep you posted.
  5. thanks for sharing~
  6. Thanks! fashionpoison. I'm serious! I hope to hearing from you very soon!!!