If you're given a chance..


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  1. J12 with no diamonds

  2. Chanel Handbag that is equal to the price of the J12 w/o diamonds

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  1. What would you choose? A Chanel Handbag that is worth of the J12 without diamonds or a J12 without diamonds?
  2. The j12! you have tonssss of beautiful purses Rica so the bag can wait!
  3. ^thanks jen! :biggrin: I'm just thinking if is it worth it to spend $$$ for a watch?? because i'm just not a watch person at all.. LOL.. My mom is the one who usually (never bought one for myself actually..) buys watches for me. LOL..
  4. I will get J12 to match with my chanel bags!
  5. I'll be the minority here but I'd rather have the bag. I don't really care for the no diamonds j12, now if it were the diamond bezel :graucho:
  6. I love the look of the J12
    How much are they anyway??

    With and without diamonds?
  7. ^yeah, how much btw is with diamonds?? and no diamonds? I just know that in hk it's around HKD $27,000 no diamonds..
  8. I only like the J12 with the blingy diamond bezel... that is my dream watch for when I win the lottery or something, LOL!
  9. Get the J12 with diamonds, its worth every penny IMHO!!!!!
  10. In HI the diamond bezel is $10600 for 38mm, $4500 for diamond markers. IMO the bezel is worth every penny though :nuts: I'd rather have that than a Chanel bag for that price lol.
  11. I would defo get the watch!
  12. LOL! No diamonds or bezel!! LOL! I can't afford that anymore for a watch.. LOL! Just the J12 without diamonds vs. a Chanel Bag worth of the watch. LOL..
  13. Still J12!!!
  14. I don't wear a watch so I would definitely get a bag :p
  15. I didn't vote on either because I don't wear watches but I would probably buy a good piece of Chanel clothing more than another bag, I just saw a beautiful dress from the new collection that made me :drool:.