If you're already in your 50's or 60's.. What chanel flap would you want to wear?

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Your Chanel flap in your 50's or 60's:

  1. Small

  2. M/L

  3. Jumbo

  4. Maxi

  1. I'm curious about the appeal of the classic flaps in the age 50's or 60's. Have you ever imagined yourself carrying the bag in your 50's or 60's? Would you still carry the ones you have right now or wished you've gotten a different size? :smile:
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    I would carry my classic flaps till I'm 6 feet under. They're ageless.
    For classic flaps I only have minis, medium and small sizes (fit me best).
    For Reissues I have 225 and 226 sizes.
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  3. Yes, I can imagine carrying a classic flap in my 50's since I am in my 50's! :smile: The classics are a classic for a reason, they look wonderful at all different ages. To be honest, when I was younger, Chanel bags seemed almost exclusively carried by older women. For much of the 80's and well into the 90's, they were "old lady" bags to me. The trend of young people in their late teens and 20's carrying them seems much more recent but that could just be my perception.

    I own a m/l classic flap and two square minis and a WOC. I expect to be carrying them into my 70's and beyond. The older I am, the less stuff I want to haul around and, frankly, the less stuff I need to haul around. The kids are grown and haven't needed a sippy cup or a diaper change in a long time. I no longer work full time in an office environment so I don't do a long commute and leave the house for 10 - 12 hours each day which would likely require a bigger bag like the jumbo or maxi. I also have paired down my own look and my smaller Chanels look great with that. So, for me, smaller is better. I'm glad I never purchased a jumbo or maxi back in the day as it wouldn't be at all useful for me now and would likely be languishing on a shelf.
  4. I think that the size that suits my frame is not likely to change over the next few decades, :smile:
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  5. My first post!
    I am in my 50s and find even a jumbo a bit small. :hrmm: I need 2 pairs of glasses which take up a lot of room, add in a wallet and 2 phones and it's pretty full. If I use a full size wallet I can't close the flap, so have downsized to a small wallet.
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  6. Agreed!
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  7. +1
  8. +1
  9. I'm in my mid 50s and one of my favorite bag is my M/L flap! To me it's a timeless classic that is fit for any age, and even more so for those of us who are (slightly!) older. IMO, its a more mature bag than some of its edgier (AKA the boy bag) counterparts
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  10. I just bought a jumbo in Paris and wondering if I should have gone with the m/l again (but I alr hav 2 m/l, n 1 jumbo). The m/l fits my current petite body frame perfectly. I love carrying small bags.

    That being said I'm getting married soon. Later children. Perhaps I'm gonna get bigger from the pregnancy too haha. So in my 50s/60s id imagine myself carrying the jumbo...

    Bottom line... Having a variety of sizes is best :P
  11. I'm 52 and this is the M/L in lambskin. It's a good size for evening for me, or if I'm doing some light running around during the day. I recently bought the 226 Reissue in denim which size is in between the M/L and Jumbo. Because I wear sunglasses during the day (unless it's raining!), I really need space for those + case, plus a wallet, etc. I love all sizes and styles though, classics, Boy, Seasonal, it all depends on what I'm doing and where I'm going!

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  12. Its so hard to decide between the lambskin and the caviar!! why did you pick the lambskin over the caviar? I want to buy one too!!!
  13. I choose the lambskin because I use the M/L primarily for evening, and to me at least the lambskin looks 'dressier' than the caviar if that makes sense. If I were choosing a classic bag for daily use, I'd gone for the jumbo caviar. Everyone has to buy what works for them, their taste, and lifestyle. You'll get a ton of different opinons which can make it even more confusing. lol
  14. I know!!! But i dont know if it's worth buying the M/L though I like the look of it more. :smile:
  15. I'm a Fifty Plus girl who enjoys wearing her Chanel flaps all the time. I'm retired so I stay busy with volunteer work and caring for elderly parent. Most days I carry a small wallet, phone and lipstick. But I find myself needing something a bit more spacious than the m/l as now I've started carrying eyeglasses and sunglasses plus occasionally my kindle. The jumbo can hold everything with room to spare but I prefer the compactness and weight of 226 reissue. It makes me feel beautiful and feminine no matter what I'm wearing or going. Love my Chanel Flap bags and hope to wear them till I go to Purse Heaven! Thanks for letting me share Ladies!
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