If you're after a Day bag...

  1. Check out the prices on Diabro.net

  2. ughh why couldn't they have that up a couple days ago, i just spent over $100 more on my steel day from BalNY. Great prices on diabro!
  3. Bugger.

    Hope you're lovin your bag though fei fei!!
  4. wow...so tempting, must resist!
  5. thanks bern, I do love my bag :smile:
  6. Wow, that is tempting. Does anyone know how much Diabro charges for shipping to the US?
  7. around $20 for a day -the shipping prices depends on weight
  8. the price on the tabac day just dropped even more! (in the 700s now)
  9. What about customs fees on a leather bag? I ordered a Chloe last year from LVR and got a bill from US customs for $69.00. (that was in addtion to the $50. shipping I paid)
  10. ^I believe they mark down the price so that you don't get charged custom fees
  11. How's the '07 leather on that day, feifei? I want a black day but can't decide if I should go for the '07 black day or wait for a '05 day to come up on eBay.
  12. Do not get an 07 Black Day unless it is from the f/w collection. I had bought a Black Day with GGH from the s/s collection and I am returning it. The leather was that thin veiny marbly leather and was not smooth. It was actually the most horrid Balenciaga leather I have ever seen and felt. So get one from this year but make sure it's from the fall collection and not spring.
  13. Will do. Thanks for the advice StarBrite!

  14. Your welcome!
  15. yep they mark customs down to whatever you want, i asked for $49 on my bag to the UK and didn't get charged customs. Write it in the comments box when you place your order although they also email you and ask what value you would like them to put.

    I just ordered the Steel Day, they said they only had 3 left last night so i hope they still have it in stock!!